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We have some new members, old members, and some shy members lurking around, let’s get to know each other!

Post whatever you are comfortable with here to introduce yourself.

Some suggestions:

Name if other than your username?
Kids’ ages or TTC?
Where are you from?
What are you most looking forward to gaining from this board?
Anything else you’d like to share!



Hi Everyone!
I am so excited to come across this community. It’s particularly helpful for the 21st Century Moms and Moms to be.

My name is ChaCha. Newly married, want to start having my kids.
I am Nigerian.
I am a bit naive with not so much knowledge about wifehood and pregnahood and motherhood, I am hoping that i could learn some times about conception and pregnancy.
I also want to make new friends.

We will get to know each other more as we continue this relationship and hope we learn from each other.

Thank you


Welcome @ChaCha it’s good to have you here.

Hello everyone, it’s good to see this forum come alive finally and I call myself ThefruitfulWife, a Nigerian, inquisitive and soon to be mother of twins ( I believe this). I created this forum for everyone ttc or otherwise. I’ve been ttcing for 2 years and believe by sharing our experiences, thoughts, information and concerns we are able to provide support and encouragement for one another.

I would love to be friends with everyone and hangout sometimes to lift our spirits cos ttc is frustrating and can be depressing. I am currently there so I know what it feels like. For all our preggy mommas, we are happy and can’t wait to experience those preggy moods, binges and foetal kicks. Please feel free to share with us and other preggy mothers. We will be happy to learn.

Our DHs (Darling Husbands) are no left out, as well as the single ladies and guys among us we are happy to have you here and hope to keep learning from everyone. There is so much to share and learn, feel free to ask any question, no matter how stupid it sounds, we are all learning :hugs::hugs:

Thank you everyone for being here, please sign up, keep trying, keep learning, keep loving, never stop praying and believing and never give up! :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Hello am called ogbemi, in my late 40s snd ttc. Tried ivf n for reasons I cant still pinpoint it didnt work even though I didnt bleed even after doing the pt 6days after our pt day.
Still trying to convince DH to lets try again but honestly I am not sure I want to do it lagos. If he agrees would love to try abuja this time. Any ideas as regards which hospital? Someone said Federal medical centre jabi. Look forward to learning here


Welcome on board @simplymilk, it’s great to have you join us. Based on some research I did, Medical Art Center and Fertile Aid in Abuja seems to have appreciable success rates. Personally, I’m just starting the journey and hoping it will be successful. Which hospital did you cycle with in Lagos and was there any underlying factors? I’m sure other mamas in the house will share some info with us. Please don’t lose hope and stop praying because with God all things are possible. I pray God will shower us with our heart desires and give us double for our pain. Amen


@ChaCha hun, the ovulation calculator helps with timed conception. It’s very easy to use, you can buzz me in d inbox if you encounter any eish! :kissing_heart:
And don’t forget your prenatals too


Hello everyone… I’m Aldo. Glad to be here with you all. I live in Jos, and I’m going through 1of the most traumatic time in a woman’s life…I just had miscarriage. 10weeks gone, no heartbeat.


@Aldo I sympathize with you Aldo, please believe God is working to perfect all that concerns you. I pray that God heal you, my cousin had same experience with a 3 months pregnancy just 2 wks ago. She started spotting and was scheduled for another scan, barely 3 weeks after the first scan. scan shows no heartbeat and she had to evacuate 3 days after. She’s still mourning, I pray for restoration for you dear. Our God will fill ur mouth with songs of testimony, same to everyone of us . Pls take solace in God bcos he never forgets his own children and will favor us all with multiples as we desire. Plenty hugs :hugs: :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Hello beautiful mothers and mother to be, I’m @MamaTwins. Based in Lagos, married for 3years and mid 30s, I love this forum and happy to see new faces. I hope we get to learn and support one another. @Aldo God will replace all you lost in multiple folds. Pls take heart and thank God you have life and trust him to conceive soon :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: @simplymilk and @ChaCha God will answer us speedily and everyone seeking the fruit of the womb. I hope I will be reading from y’all soon. God bless our wombs! Amen


@MamaTwins welcome dear, :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Hello everyone hope we all had a great day? @Aldo @ChaCha @Sum1beads @simplymilk @Jay @HerCrown @Rossy @Becky @Sass @afolake @MamaTwins I’m sorry if I missed out your name. I’m just excited to know I have y’all here to share my thoughts with :blush:


Awwww thanks hon for checking up, am doing great just D annoying traffic today. So I went to see my doctor today for follow up, was told earlier I had a hypeplastic uterus, only to do an Ultrasound today and everything is normal. Can’t thank God enough.


@jay, wow! Imagine I’m really happy to hear this. All these doctors sef! As if ttc is not enough. Please ride on with DH believing God is working to perfect everything. Life is too sweet to miss out on the precious moments :heart_eyes:. TGIF yayy! Enough time to relax well. Biko have fun, we can not come and kill ourselves :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:. I pray for a speedy BFP for us all. Sprinkling baby dusts …


Hello beautiful people, I’m Leema and been married for a year stay in Lagos, had 2 miscarriages already and the last visit to my doctor I was told I had a retroverted uterus and PCOS. I’m really confused and don’t even know what to think. I hope I can learn here and meet other people like me. I wish us all a speedy conception in Jesus name, amen.
@jay please what is hype plastic uterus? I’m happy for you that your scan results returned normal. I imagine ow scary you must have been. :thinking:


@Aldo my sympathies dear. I know what you are going through now, put your trust in God that he will give us our own babies that we will carry to term. Am sending hugs your way sweets


@Leema we welcome here hun. It’s so sad about ur miscarriages :frowning:️. I pray for quick conception and this time around, you shall carry to term. Amen! Have you started treating for PCOS and any new things you are doing differently? Did ur doctor say what could have caused the miscarriages? Please share ur journey with us, we’ll really love to read from u. God bless u.


Please lets welcome @Victoria she’s new here. A quick one, aside fertileaid and ovaboost pls can anyone recommend other supplement to boost egg production?


We are happy to have @Victoria here, we hope you are learning new things here.
@MamaTwins I will suggest u get any supplement that contains coenzyme Q10, get folic acid as well as vitamins A & E. Other mamas in the house may add their suggestions. Sprinkling baby dust your way…


@ Leema , my dear I was shocked the day the doc told me that, and from her explanations she mearnt a shrunken uterus, that is not
normal in size, asked if I have given birth and I told her no, as av only been through series of miscarriages. So she told me it will be difficult carrying a baby with such womb, however , in my mind I kept rejecting such report, anyways I was booked for another appointment, which she told me to go do a scan before a plan is scheduled for me love and behold Jehovah over do manifested. Everything was fine, the doctor too was shocked. My one cent in all these journey is that Doc r humans they ain’t God, they don’t even know how conception comes about, so whose report will u believe, retroverted uterus, or not keep praying and believing God, we will all carry our babies before 2017 roles by. Baby dust to my fellow moola love y’all