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Good evening moms at home @ThefruitfulWife @aydiva @Jay @Abby @Leema @LadyS @MamaTwins @Mummynwa @afolake @Sapphire how was church today,just wanted to share a word with us about faith-The substance of things hoped for evidence of things not seen heb11 verse 1, I want us to believe God is able to do exceedingly abundantly far above all we could ever ask or think.we should have faith that our case is already settled.Have a fruitful week ahead.I love you all😘


Hmmmm…so romantic💜 chai DH dey try oh…plus we still waiting for our cake.


Am good MA, princess is fine oh thanks




Thanks my love, God bless you, I pray for his grace to carry on with faith. Do have a blissful week ahead.


Thanks for the word… It really came at the right time. God bless you ma


Thank you for the encouragement @mamapikin. Amen


Uwc sis hugs


Good morning dear sisters and how was your night? Wish us all a stress free day, this Monday morning rain tho…make sure you take hot tea and keep yourself warm.have a great day


Choi see cake​:yum::yum::yum: @ThefruitfulWife.this is what we call ojoooroo


::joy::joy::joy::joy: how manage @Victoria


Thanks @aydiva Monday stress as usual


Eeya,sorry dear


Good evening my sisters, am so happy to be on this forum… I am Busayo,a single mother of 1, am in my early 30’s,dont ask for my baby daddy bcoz dat is a story for another day… Have been having pressure from home to get married but I have made up my mind not to get married to anymore because I really had a bad experience from my baby daddy also bringing up my 3year old daughter was not so palatable… Hmm, I went tru hell, but now there has been pressure every where to get married,tho I have single guys asking for my hand in marriage but I insisted I am not ready to settle down,i don’t want to get hurt anymore…Please mama’s what can I do?


Hi Busayo, we are glad to have you here. How’s our 3year old princess doing. Kisses to her please. Pls before I contribute, may I know you fears? Why the resistance?


Princess is great thanks, my fears of making another mistake also I am so comfortable being single,i have a good job and a profit making business, I have a daughter,she attends one of the best schools, what more do I need getting married,my dear I love my single life…


Hello @Busayo, we are happy to have you here in our midst, welcome!
I am not claiming to know how much it takes to raise a kid, financially, emotionally and psychologically but being the last child in a family of 6 girls, I’ve had my shares of stressfully taking care of my nephews and nieces.
Are you happy being a single mother? Which father figure would you expect your princess to look up to? Are your scars fully healed to give room for love again and are you ready to go through the healing process? Have you conquered your fears? These are questions you should ask yourself to help you make the decision.

Once bitten twice shy, marriage no be beans, at the same time no woman wants to be alone. I’m not talking of occasional side guy/man (sorry if that came out too harsh) but your princess will be looking at your life as a mirror. Also know you are marrying for yourself and not for “them”.
In marriage, we all get to say or do things that hurt our partners, but we try not to repeat it and learn to forgive when we do. Marriage is patience, trust and respect before roman roman love come join sef. Cos if you love any1, those three will always come into place.

Please ruminate on this and as @Jay asked, her question may be the ice breaker for you.
Please give your princess lots of kisses and hugs for me :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


Good day sis @ThefruitfulWife @Becky @Jay @Victoria @Leema @LadyS @MamaTwins @ChaCha @Sapphire how are you today,just checking up on you all and please help us encourage our dear Sis @Busayo that just joined us. Thanks to you all and have a nice day


@Busayo now I see where you are coming from. My question to friends when they ask me questions about their relationship and if they should leave their lover is this? With all you have, are you very happy, do you feel safer and at peace without another man in your life?


Welcome @Busayo, it’s great to meet you.
Some of my colleagues are single mothers doing well and sending their kids to one of the best schools. One made a mistake in her choice of partner, but still craves for the man to return to her and their 3 kids.
I understand that you have everything you need and your freedom, but if you can give love a chance. you will discover life can be more fulfilling and fun. Don’t get me wrong o but God’s plan is for us to have a family with both partners because it is a good enviroment to raise children and godly marriage.

Making another mistake depends on ur choice of partner. Every woman deserves a man that respects your person as a wife and woman. Not a man that will take you for granted and exploit you- Pls cast those category of me outta ur way. Pray about it and let God guide your decision. Mucho love to your baby girl.