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Exactly,talking about a widower,some widows after the death of their husbands,they might decide to stay single,who questions them?nobody of course,they might simply tell you it’s a covenant between her, her husband and God not to get married again so raising a child as a single mum doesn’t mean d child is not going to make it in life,even sometimes single parent children perform better than children brought up by both parents.


Thanks dear, the single mother of 3 should just ignore the issue of having a man in her life and take care of her children Yoruba adage says (omo eni loko eni), for crying out loud she has 3children,i have only one,men does not worth all these well,its her choice.


Hi Busayo, good to know our princess is great.
From ur last explanation, u don’t want to fall prey twice in the hands of men. Have you tried speaking to a counselor, if I may add in, marriage is not fulfilment, it doesn’t take you to heaven neither is being single, or wealthy, however, marriage is good, it helps you focus, more closer to God, avoid sin to a large extent, and reduce multiple sex partners. there are still good guys out there you know, you have to give one a trial, to be able to c the inner person, try and erase the experience with ur baby daddy, then again, don’t be pressurized I must say, cos it’s one thing to be married, it’s another to stay in marriage. You got to free your heart girl, and allow this thing naturally, do u know how many things you expect from God and it’s not happening your way, have u therefore given up on God? Life itself is unfair, if life offers you lemon, you have to make a lemonade out of it. It’s totally fine if you don’t want to be married, for some other reasons but not becos of ur "experience"cos a lot of people in ur shoes, have had to pick up their pieces, and are happier now. am sure u have some relationship going on, and you guys r sexually active, common, don’t make it look like princess is the cause, where I know she’s a blessing. Like I said its totally up to you to choose weather to stay married, or opt for single mum. Love you Busayo, hope u find happiness


Mama @aydiva I dey ooo, just annoying traffic… But am great thank God. Trust y’all are great too


You are welcome to this forum our dear Sis, and how’s our beautiful princess doing? Hmm I can feel your pain dear, I also have a friend a single mum, she has a son in fact her son is now 7years old, but still she’s single,i knew what she passed trough because she’s a very close friend of mine,being a single mum can limit you to so many things also it can expose you to a lot of things which on a normal day you won’t be able to do if you were married,will just advice you to let the past go and allow a man into your life, not all men are perfect but there are still some out there that are God fearing and sure they would treat you nice. Please let God into your heart,and let a man also, being married is so sweet to being a single mum, you have your partner to share your pain, emotions and love. Please let a man in your life and let your daughter feel fatherly love. My regards to your princess. Much love dear😍


@aydiva thanks for checking in, week started off very busy but so far all good :blush:


Mommas in the house, please owz our fasting and prayer going to be like tomorrow. Should we continue on the Prayers thread or other suggestions?
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E be like say na the prayer thread go work oo. Abi what does other mamas think?


@Busayo sweet, welcome :hugs:. Only u know wia and ow the last shoe pinched u most . 1. Also being married or single will not determine ur success or achievement in life. 2. Children raised by single or married mothers doesn’t mean they will turn out good or bad. 3. Remaining single or married may not determine the quality of life u live, especially if you have an abusive partner.
It will be great to find love again, all men cannot be like ur ex.
Ultimately, what matters is ur happiness and safety and being able to raise ur princess in a healthy home full of love and peace.
Don’t be pushed to make a decision to please people. Na you go live in the marriage. My prayer is that whatever decision you make, you find happiness in it. :kissing_heart:


Eheeen oooo wanted to ask about it thanks for the reminder @ThefruitfulWife, I would suggest we do the fast till 12pm or where u can get to, then come on the prayer thread and say a prayer one after d other. Also we should have different prayer point for each week, not particularly TTC. Admin can help with that😍. May God bless the desires of our heart.


Yes, we can fast till 12pm or more, depends on the ability,may God answer our prayers.


Uwc dear


Amen,thanks dear


Thanks so much




@Jay Amen. That sounds very great!
I will post a prayer point soon for this week’s fasting. I crave everyone’s indulgence to participate tomorrow. Heaven shall hearken to our plea in Jesus name. Amen .
Thanks mama @Jay :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Welcome @Busayo :kissing_heart:. My advice is this, pray about it and remember its u marrying not your family. What you decide should be focused on your happiness and peace. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured. God will guide you :pray:t4:


Thanks @aydiva for checking dear. Hope you had a great day?


Good morning dear sisters, as we wait upon the lord today, he shall renew our strength,we shall soar on wings like eagle,we shall be held by the hand of God, we shall run and not go tired,when we call him he will surely answer us, I want us to stay positive because he will surely hear us .Have a great day ahead, I love you all hugs


Amen. Thank you dear @mamapikin