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Hello mommas @ThefruitfulWife @mamapikin @aydiva @Jay @mamapikin @LadyS you can follow rtwng on instagram, women meet to pray online every Wednesday. So many testimony… thought I should share


Woow OK dear thanks, @Victoria ama go check her out, talking about praying self we can have meeting days for prayer oo what do u guys think?


We love you too Ore… @mamapikin Thanks a trillion for the inspirational message. God bless you darling


Thanks darling, you are a star :kissing_heart:


@Jay it’s a great idea, you mean physical meeting ba? We shld consider location and day of the meet. I hope it will be timely and convenient for everyone. As for me, I am game :fist_right:t3::fist_right:t3::fist_right:t3::fist_right:t3: No shaking


Oh!thanks dear


Uwc dearie


Awww!thanks sweet, will follow ASAP


Sure,we can it’s a nice idea…


Good evening mama’s, trust your day went well. Ok ooo suggestions on how and where to meet. I suggest the prayer meeting holds once in a month, while our Wednesday fast still stand, suggestions mum’s, what do u guys feel. @aydiva @ThefruitfulWife @Victoria @mamapikin @MamaTwins @Mummynwa @LadyS @Leema


@Jay thanks Hun, day went well except for the horrible traffic :triumph::triumph::triumph:. But thank God for all. Once in a week :+1: and weekend hopefully right when everyone will be available. Abi @IamAwinner @Becky @ChaCha @Victoria @simplymilk @Abby @Leema @anonymous2 @anonymous3 @MamaTwins @Drealmum @Aldo @fortune @HerCrown @afolake @LadyS @Libertyinstinct @Sum1beads @Rossy @Tee_s @Mydear @Xcel @Yadeife @Sapphire @anonymous1 @anonymous4 @anonymous1 @aydiva
What about those not based in Lagos?


Good morning mommas @jay @IamAwinner @Becky @ChaCha @Victoria @simplymilk @Abby @Leema @anonymous2 @anonymous3 @MamaTwins @Drealmum @Aldo @fortune @HerCrown @afolake @LadyS @Libertyinstinct @Sum1beads @Rossy @Tee_s @Mydear @Xcel @Yadeife @Sapphire @anonymous1 @anonymous4 @anonymous1 @aydiva
I hope we had a good and restful sleep.

Please we need your responses regarding mama @Jay’s suggestion of our meet up. This can as well serve as our hangout. Biko, please, e jo, comment let’s share our thoughts on this. Thank you and I wish us all a very productive day. Sprinkling baby dust our way


Good morning Sis and all mama’s in the house,i would suggest we hang out in a private beach here in Lagos, what do other mama’s think?


Hello Mommas, I guess our day is going well.
Me I will suggest a saturday, maybe a time between 12nnon and 1pm when we shld av done some house chores. Location is the koko now. Maybe we do a pool of suggested locations and then vote on a convenient location that suits every1. What do you mamas think?


Hello pretties, like this our hangout is only for few of us, where r other mums now, or u guys ain’t buying into it, ok let’s meet on 23rd at Oniru beach, by 12pm , if it’s convenient for all, it will be like a meet and greet section, then we have a proper arrangement for our prayer days, venue and time. Let’s do this like sisters meet to discuss family matter and way forward. I stay in lere so can pick anyone around me on Saturday. Oya mums suggestions ooo, bring anything edible along.


Yayyyy! Leggooo :running_woman:t5::running_woman:t5::running_woman:t5::running_woman:t5::running_woman:t5:. Oniru here I come. Sistersssssss and mamas ooooo let’s respond na. Will really love for us all to meet. I will bring some edibles too. @Victoria @aydiva @afolake @Becky @simplymilk @ChaCha @Drealmum @Aldo @HerCrown wia art thou, biko is this time convenient for you all? Me I want time to relax and hang out. Let’s come with our beach wears :wink::wink::wink:
Gbagada, Bariga, ifako, Anthony brethren pls raise up your hands :grin:, the more the merrier.


I will plan to be der dear @jay and thank for taking the bull by the horn. Married and singles let’s contribute and plan to be der, let’s rub minds and have a fun time. I’m looking forward to this day, God willing . Much love sis


Chai,ayaf missed sha oya na oniru loading,no whala


Yesoooo,i don’t have beach wear @ThefruitfulWife😅


Good morning @aydiva. Please wear whatever you have dear. As long as you are comfy.