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@ mama twins and every mama in the house, I also heard Maca root is good. Just started taking it, and it’s been great, I mix it with all types of fruit for smoothie.


@Jay thank you for this info, :running_woman:t5::running_woman:t5::running_woman:t5::running_woman:t5:to go get mine


In everything we should always give God praise and yes those doctors are not God ooo. Na trial n error and assumptions them use us for :ok_woman: Make God dey help us all. I will try that Maca root too, we shall all testify before this year ends by God’s grace.
@Jay please where did you get ur Maca root from and how much pls?


I hope all of us are having a good Sunday. Let’s be hopeful at all times and put our hope on God for our miracles.

AF came yesterday :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: after several implantation cramps. I know my babies shall manifest very soon, holding on to the hem of God’s garment, this word has been consistent for me throughout today. I wish everyone here a BFP, amen


Ehn ehn, one of my colleagues at work too mentioned something like that. How much did u get urs and is it d powder or the capsule u are using?


Wow! Thank you dearie, I have to go buy mine. Are u using the powder form and pls where can I buy it from?


Am taking the powder root, got it on line oo, av forgotten the site to be honest but I still have the ladies contact 09035496303, got it for 13k, the taste ain’t bad though has this Malta taste. Well if u can’t stand D taste the capsules works as well. How’s your Sunday coming jare, me am just there lol.


Thanks babes, will plan to get mine. U are too much babes :kissing_heart: Will call her up during the week. I just jejely hold my side after AF showed face & prepping for the new week. It is well with us joor :blush:


Hello everyone @MamaTwins @ThefruitfulWife thanks for the feedback . I guess I will also :running_man::running_man::running_man::running_man::running_man::running_man:to get this Maca root too. I just Google it and everything that said it works for is all am facing.


@Victoria :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4:


Morning mums in the house, my name is Abbey, mid 20s and married for a year now. Had a miscarriage and pregnant again but on cerclage. I hope to learn and share my experience with other mothers here.

Thank you.



Am new here, 26yrs and single with PCOS lives in Osun… Will be settling down soon and will like to know what to do to conceive on time.

I’m also ready to meet new people with pcos.


Good evening to every one,my name is Rosemary am new in the house ,plz have bn married for almost for year TTC and believe God to proven his self.Recovery from surgery and don’t knw if I should Start trying immediately or wait for sometime.


Welcome @Rossy, I hope you are recovering fast from the surgery and If i may ask what kind of surgery did u have?
Pls know I’m not a doctor but if ur doctor/gynae gives the go ahead, pls start trying again. It’s never too early to start again. Other mommas in the house will be happy to voice their thoughts. Don’t despair hun, God is working on all our cases & we shall celebrate our BFP soonest.



Welcome @Abby, you shall carry to term and deliver safely. Congratulations


Darling @Abby we are happy to have you here. :kissing_heart:


Hi beautiful mummies. Am Xcel, I have a son of 6years old and I have been trying for another child. Am here to learn and also meet great minds


Welcome @Xcel, we are happy to meet you too dear. @MamaTwins @jay @anonymous1 @anonymous2 @anonymous3 @anonymous4 @Victoria @ChaCha @afolake @simplymilk @Aldo @Abby we have a new momma in the house :dancer:t4::dancer:t4::dancer:t4:


Dearest @Xcel welcome :hugs::hugs::hugs:. Much :heart: