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Hi everyone.I’m glad to be on this platform nd hoping this is going to be helpful fr me. My name is Bridget from Ekiti state. Got married a yr ago nd bn trying to TTC until recently diagnosed with 18 wks fibroid. Though sme docs believe I cld still get preg nd hold on a bit on myomectomy. I wld be glad to learn here as I never envisage this nd be little knowledge on co conception. Thanks001-bigpicture_05_9


Welcome dear @Bridget, you should try to treat the fibroid first so your body can be ready to carry your babies. Take veggies, fruits, maca root powder and ginger drink. God will open your womb and make you conceive before this year ends. Please feel free to share and comment as you read along, plenty love 4u.


Welcome @bridget.Just as @ThefruitfulWife has said treat the fibroid first and maintain a healthy lifestyle,it will end in praise,baby dust to us.


My name is Elvis Angela am new here I have been ttc for 3yrs now I hope me joining this forum will help me achieve pregnancy


Welcome @Elvis_Angela, we are a supportive group of women GTC (going to conceive) and we trust in God to bless our wombs as we learn and share our experiences and healthy habit. Please read along, share and comment as you deem fit. God will answer you speedily IJN. Amen


Welcome Sis @Elvis_Angela Good to have you here. The God we serve is full of surprises and possibilities. We have moved on from TTC to GTC (Going To Conceive)…as @ThefruitfulWife will always say. Yes, you’l get that BFP. Your testimony is steaming, 'cos we are Warriors on our knees! I also encourage you to surf through the spicy and educative topics we’v got here, take good care of your body and DH’s, and always commune in prayers on this platform. Baby dust to us all.


Thanks so much for your loving response. I really appreciate u ma. I wld start preparing nd praying twrds the myomectomy then, as u ve advised I treat the fibroid first…


@Jummie tnx ma I do appreciate ma. All ur wishes shall surely be granted.Amen


Gud evening to all d mum’s nd mum’s to be here, my name is Ummi from Kogi state but am based in Kaduna bcs my husband is from Kaduna state. I got married July ending dis year nd am looking forward to carrying my child in my belly In Sha Allah, Am ovulating 2moro nd I pray I get pregnant dis time. I’ll come back with feedback by d grace of God. Am glad to be here too.


We welcome you @Ummi and as you have desired, God will bless and make it a reality. I join my faith with yours and pray God will give u the grace to conceive when you meet ur DH. God has deposited inside both of you what it takes to conceive and your egg, body and hormones are ready to receive your DH sperm and we shall all rejoice with you, amen. Please take ur mind off it and relax, enjoy the moment, take ur prenatals, fruits and have faith that it is done. Welcome to motherhood love. :hugs::kissing_heart:


God will make you to smile and put a new song on ur lips as well as the other mamas in the house too IJN. Pls don’t worry dear


Hi everyone! My name’s Odira. I’m just looking for tips on how to conceive faster.


Hello dear @Bridget,welcome to fruitfulness,its better to treat the fibroid first so it won’t affect the baby,also eat healthy and take fertility smoothie, you will carry your twins soon.


Hello dear @Elvis_Angela,welcome to mother hood,have you been seeing any gynea?have you been placed on any fertility drugs?please ask questions and share your experience,above all hold on to God, he is the giver of children,you shall carry your baby soon. I believe


Hi Dear @Omaoma,welcome to fruitfulness,here are some tips to conceive faster:
1.take folic acid daily
2.reduce alcohol and sugar intake, eat more of vegetables, fruits also macaroot powder boost fertility can try to detox your body exercise
5.Reduce stress
6.know your ovulation period,if you don’t know you can use the ovulation calculator on this forum
7.have more fun with DH
would advise you to read more on this forum to learn more.cheers


Thanks so much… Ve read about folic acid. Definitely trying these.


Welcome @Omaoma, don’t forget ginger drink and Maca root powder too.