New Members, Introduce Yourself Here


Thanks Dear. Pls where can I get this maca root powder?


Am opeyemi Ojo
Kaduna based
My 1st child is 2years this sept.
Am believing God for another in double portion.
Its nice been here, I hope to Learn greatly from here.


Hello dear welcome on board,keep trying dear and hope you taking supplements and do more of fruits and veggies,i believe you will conceive before the year runs out. Cheers


Hello mama’s, I am new here and am happy I found a group like dis. Been waiting on God for 9months now


Congrats in advance


You can get it here dear Maca Root and Fertility


Hi Bridget @Bridget we glad to have you, welcome to motherhood, there’s no cause for alarm, my sister had fibroid, successfully went on to have twin babies and a boy, I also have a close friend who’s 7months gone into her pregnancy she had her baby sized fibroid removed last year, and 6months after she concieved, it can really be a hindrance though, did ur Doc profer any solution? can they shrink it or get it removed? Either ways you will definitely carry your babies, fibroid will be fine boys ijn. Amen


Hi dear @Serem,welcome to motherhood,please do ask questions about anything bothering you, we mama’s are here to answer,baby dust to us all


Hi @Omaoma glad to have you, there’s pretty not much we can do when ttc, take your prenatal and pls follow instructions from other mums @aydiva @ThefruitfulWife ,pray at all times and enjoy love making every other day after period with DH, don’t wait until the big OV day. Good luck sweet


Thank you dear and a big Ameen to d prayes and wishes. Am happy to be a member of dis group


Hello dear, and welcome all the way from kaduna,pls do take fertility smoothies and foods that boost fertility,have you tried seeing a gynea too? In order to know what’s actually causing delay,we hope to hear back from you soon.


It’s done dear @Serem check our other post on things you can do to prep ur body, and keep praying and believing cos your miracle is near. We glad to have you, welcome to motherhood.


Thank you! I’m happy to be here! Feel better already


Delay is not denial @Serem, you will definitely carry your own babies. Have u seen a gynae to know if there is any challenge? Pls feel free to share dear, baby dust to you dear


Your double portion will shut the mouth of your mockers, because God hears prayers and we join faith with you @Yeleyemi. Welcome to motherhood and please live healthy and do your part with DH. Baby dust


Hello, am oluwajomiloju,have been trying to conceive.i got married last year and have done series of test and also went for HSG last month. Please house pray for me to conceive this month.


Welcome @Uma1715 God will wipe away your tears. Only Him can do it and pls read our posts here on some healthy stuff you can be taken.


@Famodimu_Abidemi_Olu just as your name states God will surprise and honor you, have faith mama. How was the HSG scan?


The tubes were blocked and was opened after the HSG. Still trying and waiting patiently for God to surprise me this month. Am in my ovulation wk,just want to make use of it.


@Serem believe and know God will do it for u dear. He will surprise u b4 sis year shall ends. Live a healthy life and stay away from sugary stuffs