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Welcome Xcel, pray that ur heart desires be met. We happy to have you also


@aydiva welcome dear, you are blessed in Jesus name.


I am aydiva,a mother to a princess, am so happy to be on this forum and I pray and declare all round fruitfulness to those TTC (trying to conceive) to GTC(going to conceive)in Jesus name.Amen


Please let’s make her feel welcome @Xcel @MamaTwins @jay @anonymous1 @anonymous2 @anonymous3 @anonymous4 @Victoria @ChaCha @afolake @simplymilk @Aldo @Abby we have another new momma in the house :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::hugs:. @aydiva plenty kisses to our princess


Welcome @Rossy. God will perfect everything for u. I will suggest u wait like 2-3 months so ur body can relax b4 u continue. God will give u a testimony in this 9th and birth month. Amen


Ameeeen, welcome @aydiva :hugs::hugs: to our princess


@Xcel we shall all excel in our journey to fruitfulness ooo. Amen, we are happy u joined our fruitful forum. God will put laughter in our mouth this new month. Amen!


E kaabo ooo @LadyS, please grab ur seat and feel at home :grin::grin::kissing_heart:




Hello house, am mama pikin am in my late 20’s,and have been married for 4years now and also have been battling with infertility issues, been going from one hospital to another,i am so tired and my home is almost breaking,i want mamma’s in the house to raise up prayers for me because I have faith that God would someday answer me. Thanks to you all and we shall all carry our twins very soon… Amen


welcome dearie, I pray God wil answer us all very very soon. This year will not pass us by in Jesus name.


You are welcome mama Princess. I throway kiss for you :kissing_heart:


You are welcome @mamapikin, our God shall answer your prayers and put a new song on ur lips.



How is every1 today? @ChaCha @Victoria @simplymilk @aydiva @Abby @Leema @MamaTwins @Drealmum @Aldo @fortune @HerCrown @Jay @LadyS @Libertyinstinct @Sum1beads @Rossy @Tee_s @Mydear @Xcel @Yadeife and @all mothers and fathers in the house.

I hope the weekend was restful for us all. Let’s keep believing because miracles still happen.
We shall all remember September for good in Jesus name, amen!


Hi everyone, I am a new member and am happy to be part of this great family.

I just got married some couple of months ago not up to 6months. so I went to see a gyny for check up to make sure that everything is fine with me, only for me to find out that I have serious infertility issue after undergoing series of tests, scan and hsg. I was told my fallopian tube is blocked, that I have fibroid and endometrosis. Sisters pls help me with your best possible advise on how to overcome this challenges cos am so scared right now. God bless you all.


Dear @Becky, It’s really sad and I perfectly know how you are feeling right now :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:. I was in your shoes months ago and still on it tho but having a better understanding of how to resolve it. I believe there is nothing impossible for God to do, with him all things are possible. You may also need to change your diet, lifestyle and be sure to know your gynae is giving you the right prescription and instructions.
Please momma in the house @ChaCha @Victoria @simplymilk @aydiva @Abby @Leema @anonymous2 @anonymous3 @MamaTwins @Drealmum @Aldo @fortune @HerCrown @Jay @afolake @LadyS @Libertyinstinct @Sum1beads @Rossy @Tee_s @Mydear @Xcel @Yadeife @Sapphire @anonymous1 @anonymous4 let’s support our sis and help her through this period. May God bless us exceedingly and take away the burden of ttc, amen!:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: @Becky, pls know that you are not alone in this and everything is working together for your good and God never fails or leaves his own!


@Becky i’m hugging you right now, pls speak to ur doc on the next steps. It is well babes


Hi everyone, how was the salah break, and hope today’s work is not too hectic, just checking up on all mama’s in the house and please all GTC’s(going to conceive) don’t stress yourselves too much, I believe the lord will answer us all ijn.Amen. do have a great week ahead.


Hello Becky good to have you here, be rest assured u are not alone. Am gonna send positive vibe ur way cos basically that’s what u need. Good a thing u detected it on time, I advise u adhere to doctors apt and direction, with a higher dose of prayers, yes prayers cos like I will always say, these doctors r humans and they sometimes use us for medical experiment, but in the main time, lots of exercise, plenty of water, fruits and veggies, less sugary drinks, worry less of infertility though it’s not easy. People go about successful pregnancies after fibroid surgeries and endo so girly, enjoy hubby to the fullest. We shall all testify before the year runs out. Hugs dear


Dear@becky,am so sorry for what happened but that’s just a doctor’s report but the doctor of all doctors says with him anything is possible, even a wombless woman gave birth to not just one but many children, just have faith that nothing is impossible for God to do, as for the medical treatments,try and take your drugs,i believe you will carry your twins soon…