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He will perfectall for u dear, also remember that he didn’t create u 2be barren.


Please, can ginger drink stop stomach from making noise


@Famodimu_Abidemi_Olu so good to have you around. You will definitely conceive, thank God the HSG/ flushing of tubes after wards was successful, that’s d first and best path to have tolled to retrieve your fertility, leave the rest to God darling, pls take prenatals too. He will suprise you.


God is working on ur womb @Yeleyemi, pls just relax and enjoy DH. He’s Faithful and will double ur efforts


Amen… Thank u very much


I’m not sure, u shld take more water and maybe herbal tea, it helps to soothe the stomach


Welcome to the right place, we have different topics on healthy eating and habits. Pls take time to rest well too. Baby dust


It will happen b4 this year ends, pray, do ur part and live healthy. I hope there is no medical problem . Baba God is on ur case


My dear it is God oo and I pray it will happen for you as u have prayed. Welcome to motherhood


@Bridget all the mamas have said it all. Fibroid is not d end of the world and God will bless ur womb too. Amen


Amen! Tnx ma. I was advised by docs to hold on fr 3mnths more which ll be making October the 3rd. And afterwards if no conception then I shld prepare to get it removed.




Tanx alot mums, I have been to a gynae and he even carried out hydrotubation procedure on me to know if my tubes were open (painful procedure I must confess). Thank God, he confirmed the dye went well.the only thing he said was that I have a retroverted uterus. All the scans I have done shows that my system is in great shape. Although, I have been on mvs prenatal and equally praying. And I discovered I usually have sperm leakage too.


Am gbemisola glad to join This group,my marriage is 3years now i had misscarage after my marriage and since then have been so Many things.


Amen,i pray God should answer me.


Hi dear @Kazeem_Omolara_Harnn,welcome here,please do some tests to know exactly what is wrong, consult a good gynea,and eat healthy.God will surprise you soon dear


Hi dear @Serem, I think it’s the retroverted uterus that is causing sperm leakage,you can try other sex positions and lie on your back for like 15-30 minutes after sex so the sperm would swim, also prayer does all things dear. God will answer us fast,i believe


Hello dear,pleaae visit the trends on what to do to conceive faster,hope you seeing a gynaecologist too, pls share your thoughts and ask will carry your baby soon dear.


Hello dear @Kazeem_Omolara_Harnn,so sorry for the miscarriage,i believe God will do another have faith


Amen at Aydiva thanks