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Welcome @Bliss, i am also a pcos patient, insulin resistant, hormonal imbalance, highly irregular period:grinning: - but it is not over because God of Sarah, Hannah and Elizabeth is still at work and we shall all carry our babies in Jesus Name


Hi my name is Rejoice, I’m glad to be here. I need help I have been married for almost 10yrs no conception. My hubby has low sperm count. I did fibroidectomy November last year up till now no pregnancy. I dream a lot of negative dreams, I’m so confused. I need children, God help me.


You are welcome dear, I’m new too


Hello dear, @Rejioce_Omokri_Osuho,welcome here, has your hubby tried treating the low sperm count,also any time you have a negative dream please cancel it immediately,you shall carry multiple babies ijn. No evil dream shall come to pass over your life. It is well with you


Hi, my name is Julia . Am from Imo state.
am really happy to be in dis forum, with d kind of people here i know i will be able to achieve wot i have in mind. Am in this group on be half of my sister who has being married for 11 yrs now, after her first child till now she has being seeking to have anoda baby but to no avail, pls i will like this lovely group to help my sister have anoda baby pls with your experiences and wisdom, i believe it will go a long way


Have done several test have consult gyenecolgist they said, Am ok,but resently i did TV scan but my doctor discover that my right side ovary that some old eggs is there but the is ok,that refuse fertilise.but he call it one name like this have Forgot.


Welcome @Bridget, the Good Lord will perfect all that concerns U


I sympathise with you ma, nd I pray that God shall make you laugh sooner. Just get along on platform and adhere to their opinions. Welcm ,I’m also new too


Amen! Tnx so much


Amen sis…it’s well with us






A Dr told me to always do the doggy style,dont know how effective it is


Thanks @Rejioce_Omokri_Osuho. You are welcome to motherhood.


My name is precious TTC I need to know on fertility


Hello @Precious_Ozioma_Ndud,welcome here,we have so many topics on fertility you can just go tru’ them:how to make fertility smoothie,foods to eat,supplements to take, fruits to take and so on, also maca root powder is very good for fertility,and do share your thoughts and ask questions too.


Yes dear, doggy style is very good, you can try that too


I’ve done that hydrotubulation too u and very painful :confounded: No be small.


Welcome @Precious_Ozioma_Ndud, they are so many topics on fertility here. Pls feel free to comment and share your own opinion with us too.


@Kazeem_Omolara_Harnn don’t worry, it may take time but God will perfect it. Are u seeing any gynae now and is there any issue detected? Baby dust mama