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Welcome @juliabush, it’s God that does it here oo. All we do is share our experiences, support one another on what to use and how to be better in conceiving and PRAY. God sees ur heart and will bless her womb. We are all going to conceive by the grace of God almighty. Hope she’s seeing a good gynae sha and hope no issue has been detected?


Please believe God will do it for you, he did not create you to be barren. Has ur husband treated for the low sperm count? Have u also considered IVF because God can answer in different ways. Are u also seeing a good gynae now? Pls start with healthy living and treating the other minor challenges b4 moving on to IVF or others. Also feel free to share with us we are ready to rub minds with you. Baby dust to you


Welcome on board @Precious_Ozioma_Ndud, please go through the numerous posts we have you will definitely learn something new that will help. Baby dust and welcome to motherhood


Doggy dey sweet nah :grinning: Also I think it’s even better for those with retroverted uterus because of the position of their uterus. Pray along too, God is listening to our prayers.


Did your gynae say anything about way forward, maybe alternative way of conceiving? What about your DH are all his tests too fine and ok?


Welcome @juliabush and God will open your sisters womb before this year ends. Does she have any medical challenge delaying her conception again?


Am new here, good to be part of this great platform. Thanks


Welcome to motherhood @pearl


Did it work for u? Cuz two of my cousins did it nd they conceived that same month. 1even had twin. Wonder y I still have delay


Lol, funny you. I discovered I feel pain when doing the doggy style, is it normal pls


hello @pearl,welcome here,feel free to share thoughts and ask questions,wre love to hear back from you dear


Tanks love


Tanks love, OK.


Very rare for me but I’ve discovered on two different occasions I felt pain too but that was because I was not very wet. For some, it might be due to the uterus position, u can also put a pillow under ur belly to support u, that might help.


Yes I guess is d uterus position dat is causing it


Good afternoon moms in the house @ThefruitfulWife @Jay @afolake @Uma1715 @Serem @pearl @Famodimu_Abidemi_Olu,sorry if I was unable to mention you,please let’s remember our Sis @agno0202 that is doing her transfer this weekend in our prayer for a successful one with a BFP, we shall all testify ijn


Good afternoon my fruitful mothers of great nations. I’m new here and I’m glad to b in this forum to learn and with God to achieve divine conception. My wedding will b 2yrs by DEC. I did tests in July HSG and follicular tracking and both shows I’m okay,for d HSG my tubes are okay,and for d follicular tracking it shows I ovulated, I released 3 viable eggs. DH just did his test Seminal Fluid analysis this week and d result was great,sperm morphology,sperm motility and d rest are good. I just finished my period last weekend and I’m in my fertile period. I know and I believed that will b my last period because by d mercy of God
and with prayers conception will take place this time and I shall conceive my miracle triplets in d mighty name of Jesus Christ. With Jesus joy pls welcome me.


Hi dear,welcome to motherhood, thank God for all the good test results,make sure you take prenatal supplement, fruits and vegetables,fertility smoothie(you can check the trend here on all) ,i pray God will hear you and turn all your prayers to testimony,your triplets are on the way


Thanks and Amen in Jesus Christ name. Pls what are d prenatal supplements?


Hi everyone I’m Christy and so happy to be here, I’m from Edo state, I’m 29yrs old