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Hi dear, @FruitfulTemitope prenatal supplements are vitamin and minerals taken before and during pregnancy e.g folic acid, vitamin c,iron etc


Dear @Christy1,welcome to motherhood,do share your thoughts and ask questions,also visit the trends here to know more. Baby dust to all


She will definitely be in my prayers. The Lord is her strength


God has perfected it, just take ur mind off it and have fun with DH




Kid none
Ideas about fertility
That is what am facing right I don’t know where to start from


Good day fruitfulwify,am new here my name is Cindy,been married for a year now and still believing God for my double blessings,becausevna twins I want,but I had a miscarriage this year June and it was not a good experience cause of the pains,fibroid was detected but was very small and I don’t intend to do surgery because my gyna said it might grow back,please how do I shrink it and secondly I want to prepare my womb for my double blessings (twins),because the miscarriage was caused by cervix slightly open what does that mean and the presence of fibroid to,is there any natural means of shrinking it.


Hello dear @Cynthia welcome to motherhood,so sorry for the mc,i pray God will reward you with double, about how you can shrink fibroid, you can visit the trends here to know how,also you can start taking fertility drugs, foods and smoothie for fast conception,all are already here, you can go through them and ask questions.


Hello dear @Omolade, welcome to fruitfulness,please go tru the trends here and ask questions,believe God is working on your case, don’t worry dear you will testify.


Where can i get a reliable herbal treatment to shrink Fibroid?. you can go through it dear.


Hello dear @Omolade,welcome here, feel free and ask questions, also share your thoughts,we are all learning here and we pray to carry our babies soon by God’s grace.Amen


Thank you for the information aydiva,what fertility drug,because presently am on bcomplex,folic acid,result,vitamin e and white vit c tablets,are there other options.thank yoy


Fertility Smoothie and how to prepare it. You can try this fertility smoothie also maca root powder is very good for infertility.
Food that boost your fertility.
Maca Root and Fertility


You are welcome dear


Welcome @Cynthia, God will open your womb and your twins shall manifest IJN. I sympathise with you over the MC but know that God has said it that your children will surround your table and so shall it be for you and the rest of us too, Amen. I saw that u already read that post on fibroid shrinkage, also open cervix can be managed with cerclage- ur gynae should know and suggest this for future reference. Welcome to motherhood dear and please relax bcos God is working on our cases. :hugs:


Pregnacare conception is popular and has all the prenatal supplements .


@Omolade pls believe you are not barren and will give birth to your own children. God created us to be fruitful and we shall all testify. It may be slow in coming but trust God u’ll definitely conceive. Have you done any diagnostic tests to know the cause of the delay? You can also try adopting some healthy nutrients into your meal to help prepare ur body for ur babies like ginger drink, Maca root powder , healthy lifestyle, taking fruits and leafy vegetables. Be free to share with us, we are one another support systems. We hope to read from you soon.


AMEN. I love your spirit and I believe God of Sarah, Hannah and Elizabeth will change ur story and give the final report . @Bliss only God’s report shall stand and we shall all rejoice IJN


Welcome to motherhood @Christy1, we are glad to have you here too. We are all GTC (going to conceive) mothers because we are fruitful and we shall multiply . Do join us in the different topics, we want to hear from you. :hugs:


AMEEEEEEN, only God can do what no man can do. If I may add please be open to other ART ( assisted reproductive technology), our God works in diverse ways. This year will not pass you by IJN. Amen