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Unfortunately it did not, I left that gynaecologist 2 months after and done IUI and nothing yet. I have faith it will happen when I least expect it


Welcome darling @pearl olowogbogboro is turning things around for our good. Have faith, hugs


U are welcome to motherhood @Cynthia, baba God will make a way and give u your testimony. Your doc shld do cerclage for u for next time, relax mama and give God a chance :hugs:


God will change your story soon dearie, @omolade . Any tests done so far?


Beautiful mama, welcome and stay fruitful.


Baba God will answer ur call and give u that long awaiting BFP. It is done dear. Pray and do ur own sis. :hugs:


Hello dear @Cynthia,sorry for the MC, I pray you carry your twins soon ijn,relax your mind and go tru how you can shrink fibroid on this forum,eat healthy and have more fun. God will turn your sorrow to joy.


Is well, sooner than we expect we will all testify. I no longer border my self abt ttc, like I have always been told that it happens wen u least expect, so am just trying to be me and rock myself with hubby pending when baby fat will come lol. So, cheers our healthy pregnancies!


Hello beautiful mums and mums to be, so excited to have discovered this forum.
I am Amy from PH, am in my mid 30s and have been married for 7yrs with 2boys ages 5 and 2.
I have been trying to conceive since Dec and have even gone through 2 IUI in Dec and Feb cos I wanted a baby girl so we had to do sex selection but both failed and after 8 months my Doc told me the issue I was having was a thinness in my Endometrium lining as all scan I have done throughout this period showed that it has never gotten to 5mm and the required size to achieve pregnancy was 8mm, just last month my period came after two weeks when I went for a PT I was told it was weak positive, my Doc said it’s cos the Endometrium wasn’t thick enough to carry the foetus. I google it and saw there were natural remedies to increase it but I don’t think we have such fruit/food in Nigeria though my Doc has scheduled me for a treatment the moment my next period starts but am really praying to achieve pregnancy before the year runs out. God bless all TTC mums to be. Thanks


Hello dear @Amytm,how are the boys doing,sorry for the failed IUI,but please I don’t really understand about the thin endometrium:was it not the same uterus that carried your boys,you can try food rich iron and try fertility cleansing in order to make the wall thick.


Good evening all,how is every one doing,am new here and am happy to come to a group I can speak my mind…i pray God will answer all of our prayers


Hi good evening, am new here, hope to learn alot from this great group n am so glad I bumped into it.


Hello Fruitful Momma @Sandra Welcome darl! You are home. Yes! …you can always speak your mind and share your thoughts and ideas. I also encourage you to surf the topics we’v got on the platform already. May God almighty bless us all. Baby dust your way.


Hi dearie @Dabby welcome aboard and Happy New month to you. It’ll be a month of testimonies and thanksgiving for us all. Please feel free to share your thoughts, and enjoy the hot and spicy topics lined up. All the best Momma.


Hi everyone am new here. a mom of 3 girls and am so happy to be here, hope am welcomed. .


Thanks @Beauty,will like to share my struggle so far, been trying to conceive for close to 2 year nw, went to a gyne and I was diagnosed with scared uterus and pcos thou according to the Doc, I ovulate regularly, but i went thru surgery to correct the scared uterusd the Doc promised me every thing will be fine after that, but it has been 6months after the surgery and nothing yet, am really disappointed and tired. Is there anyone here who has similar issue, will really appreciate if you share with me…tnx mommas in the house and happy Sunday to all of is…cheers


Goodmorning fruitful Momma @Sandra thankGod for being thr for you so far in your journey. I can relate to your disappointment after you thought all is well according to your Gyne…God have also said “it’s well with you”. Please trust Him and try not to remain depressed or anxious. It’s not easy, but try darl. Anxiety induces the release of stress hormones, and these interfere with conception. Miracles surface when we least expect, so hold fast and engage your thoughts with other stuffs you enjoy, asides TTC. Have fun with DH in every way possible. Also encourage him to check himself out, if he’s yet to. Mommas @ThefruitfulWife @MamaTwins @Jay @Chi…etc over to you. please share your thoughts with our Sis @Sandra. May God sustain us this new Month.


Sure you are Sis @Posh Welcome darl! How are your girls? Please we’d love to learn from you, your pregnancy experiences and joys of motherhood. May God bless us all.


Hello dear @Sandra welcome to fruitfulness,you are free to share your thoughts also share ideas and ask questions,we love to hear from you


Hello dear @Posh,you are welcome here,please share your experience about pregnancy and motherhood,we are all interested,greet our princess too. We love you :kissing_heart: