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Dear @Sandra,am so sorry for all you’ve passed through, yes, d doctor of all doctors says it is well with you,he knows what you’re going through and will dry your tears this new month, like @Beauty said you can ask DH to check himself too, eat healthy,take pre natal vitamins and have more fun with DH, it will come naturally dear. Cheers


Happy New month and happy Independence Day dear moms,it shall be a month of favor, joy, peace, fruitfulness,testimony,breakthrough,divine upliftment,all expectant mothers shall celebrate a BFP this month IJN. Amen


Hello dear, welcome in fact this group has helped me a lot, you can visit the trends I assure you will gain alot dear. Happy Independence Day to you


Hello sweet,hmmm…those doctors are just trying their best, it’s only God that heals, believe in God that does nothing he can’t do, this new month will not pass us by, we shall celebrate BFPs in this group,so far you’ve done the surgery also have you been treating the PCOS too, eat well and don’t be too anxious,relax your mind and have more fun dear


Thanks @Beauty God will beautify your marriage IJN


We welcome you @sandra, God I shall faithful dear and no matter what the diagnosis the doctor calls it, he’s able to wipe the slate clean and give us our miracle babies in an instant. I really feel and understand what u going through and I can tell u that those doctors use as at times for practice for trial and error. Also know that the doctors don’t know it all, every step of concept is known and completely guarayin God alone. The doctors only do their part and leave the rest to nature. Pls cheer up and have this conviction that you are not barren and in due season u will carry urs too. Pls enjoy DH well, have fun and be happy so ur body can be ready for ur babies. Don’t stop praise well and God will visit us all this new month IJN.


@Posh yes o momma u are very welcome, pls take a seat on the high table :grin::grin:. We need you too here for ur experience, advice and pls rub minds with us. We want to learn and be great mothers and wives. We want to know everything, ow u manage children and home, pregnancy, childbirth everything sis. Pls be free to create any topic we can learn from. Happy new month and big hugs and kisses to our 3 beautiful kids


Thank you so much, Happy new month to all the awaiting mother’s including me. Ttc 5YRS. this month will not pass us by Amen


Thanks beautiful women and mommas in the house,am very grateful and happy for all this words of encouragement from all of you,God will continually bless you all and yes he will defiantly answer our prayers cus he never fails…


We appreciate ur presence here @Dabby and pray God will answer speedily that which u have whispered into His ears. This month shall birth ur miracles IJN… keep shining and we hope to learn from u too. HNM :hugs:




Welcome momma @Amytm God will grant ur desires and ow are the lil princes doing? What type of fruit has been suggested dear? All the best in ur treatments darl, pls share with us as u read along too. :hugs:


Amen @fruitfulwife


Welcome to motherhood love


Amen, u are welcome


Yes oo babe, let’s rock with DH before our babies start bombarding us


Welcome beautiful mommas @Dabby @Sandra @Posh we welcome u mommas and God will bless our wombs with our heart desires. I know he answers prayers and he’s watching us and planning our big surprises. So sisters pls cheer up and be happy! Happy :blush:


Amen!!! God bless you Momma.


Good day everyone, am happy to be here and I know I will learn so much.

My name is preye, been trying to ttc for 2 years, am a Nigerian. Really looking forward to making friends and have people to encourage me.

Had fibroids removed and was told I will get pregnant after it, one year after it nothing has happened, been depressed and worried but am thankful that am here and Looking forward to learn here.


Hello dear @Sweet07 good to have you here, have you gone for other tests to check you uterus also has your husband done any other tests,I know it can be so frustrating and depressing dear, but remember God doesn’t forgets you. We shall testify ds new month I believe.