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Welcome Preye @Sweet07 God will manifest on ur behalf. I’m happy I were able to remove the fibroid, that’s a big step. Did ur gynae run another test for u after the surgery or are there any other challenges? I will encourage u not to give up hope bcos God will do it for u and we shall come to rejoice with u. Pls start taking ginger drink and Maca root powder to prepare ur body for ur babies. Ehn ehn wat of DH are his own tests too fine?


Very big welcome to all our new mum’s, we glad to have you here, Chaii the thread is sooo long I can’t tag y’all, welcome to motherhood mummies. Pls share your experience with us, we are one big family, sisters and support system, as well as prayer partners. We love y’all


Thanks my dear sis I don’t know what test to start with


Thanks mama I don’t know what to start with test I don’t have idea


I don’t know what to start with ave not make any move for the past 2years I need idea wat to start with


Hi soon to be mothers, my name is nneoma1 and by God’s grace soon to be mother of triplets by faith, happy abt this forum and hope to bless and be blessed as well.married 3 yrs and had miscarriages twice and God willing won’t happen again.


dearie u need to start by seeing a gynae, but if u want to start with prior knowledge u can do a pelvic scan and


Welcome Nneoma @mumsly dearie to motherhood and as u av desired God will answer ur prayers. Sorry about the MC, God will settle us all IJN


Hello dear @mumsly,welcome to fruitfulness, and so sorry for the MC, have you done some tests to check what has actually caused the MC, also has your husband checked himself up?dont worry dear miracle is coming your way


hello dear @Jay,where have you been?


Welcome to motherhood @mumsly, we glad to have you, you know he’s ways are not ours, and he assures us of the best, be courageous Nne, the years r only numbers in his sight, he will give us all double/triple for the trouble OK, hope ur seeing a gynea. Pele love.


Mummy princess I dey ooo, was busy over the week, but am free now, plus I make sure I visit this house every day even if it’s late at night, how’s my girl? Kisses to her


dear @Omolade ,firstly know your Medical history. Physical examination,Semen analysis and culture.Hormone screening, Intrauterine ultrasound exam,hormonal test, Cervical mucus test,Hysterosalpinogram (HSG), Endometrial biopsy and laparoscopy with all these tests you can know what exactly is wrong.we shall carry our babies soon IJN.


No whala dear, she is very fine and Happy New month to you


You can start with hormonal profile dear. :hugs:, the test can detect if your hormones are balanced or not and if u are ovulating or not


Good day mummies


Hello dear @Remmy,welcome here, please go through the trends here and share your thoughts,we are all here to learn.cheers


Amen. thanks @LadyS


Thanks Sis all I need is prayers, I know I will testify soon, wish everyone here same.


Thanks Sis, will be going to the hospital tomorrow for some other text, been going alone I pray he agrees to come for his own text, it’s really frustrating but I know God will answer my prayers.