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Amen, as u av desired God will honor it IJN. With patience and love, DH too will go for his


Hi evryone, my name is Blessing nd l live at port Harcourt. Married for 3 Years nw, no conception at all bt l strongly believe dat nottin is too hard for God to do! Stil hoping nd believing. Am so Bless to be in dis family nd excited too, plssss l wil really advise every Woman! single, married and mothers get dis Book, SUPERNATURAL CHILDBIRTH by Jackie Mize.


welcome to fruitfulness @Blinxluv,good to have you here dear,are you seeing a gynea also have you and DH gone for some tests,you are free to share your ideas and thoughts we are all learning from each others,i pray this month will not pass you by.It is well with you.


Welcome @Blinxluv u are a sweet darling. I tried uploading the digital copy here on our archive thread but it’s veryyyyyy large. I may have to upload in bits. God is answering our prayers already and you shall testify too in Jesus name. Welcome to motherhood. Any1 interested in the book should please let me know so I can email it. I have it read it like twice already.


Hi darling @Blinxluv am happy ur holding on him like super glue, cos he’s our only answer, and definitely we will all testify, welcome, we glad to have you, plus thanks for the book, av had the hard copy I pray with by my bed side since the past three years and it changed my taught about ttc for good, it’s not about what the doctors say, but about what GOD says. He’s Able…


Good evening fruitful mothers, indeed the God of this forum is in action, our prayers are not in vain, He is a God that hears all in secret. Well, Jesus has visited me with a BFP. I decree that testimonies will never cease in this forum in Jesus name


Yeeeeeeeeyyy :dancer: :dancer:, congrats darling @Serem , you will carry to term, God that started it will finish it, you will not cast your young. Thank you sweet Jesus for testimonies of fruitfulness and more to come.


Amen and Amen. Jesus that did it for me will do it for u


Woooooow, thank God, am so happy for you dear, God will answer all expectant moms this month IJN,Yes God is really here.


Ameeeeen. Wowwwww! God is here no doubt. Congratulations sweet @Serem . I am so happy to hear this. Two BFPs already this week. He is working on our cases, our God is great and greatly to be praised. Please na to take things jejely form now on and you shall carry to term with a stress-free pregnancy.Please read that supernatural childbirth, you will just love it, I can email it to you if you don’t already have it.


Amen, just chill I was not expecting it wen it happened, yours will come speedily in Jesus name


Please can I still continue taking my folic acid or I should pause for now


Yes dear you should oo, plus other medications that will be prescribed by your doctor. Kindly go and register with a doctor for antenatal love. I will email it to you in a bit.


@Blinxluv God will definitely answer you, pls continue withyour faith. God is here on this forum and HE will meet all our needs IJN. Imagine 2 confirmed pregnancies already this week is glorious.


Congratulations @Serem, God will bless us too using u as a point of contact. We are celebrating too b4 this year ends IJN.




Good morning to all our fruitful mothers, I trust our day is going well.
We thank God for what he is doing in our midst here and what is yet to do, we all shall celebrate with BFPs that we shall carry to term before this year ends in Jesus name.

In our last hangout we talked about having a prayer meet up at least once a month to put our case before God, this is a new month and it is an opportunity for us to plan for one and I want us all to participate in it. Prayers refreshes and gives us more guidance and assurance that God never fails, it is also our way of reminding Him of His promises. So the question now is WHERE DO WE MEET for the prayer meet up. We should be looking at an hour, so we all get to do other stuff. Please we need suggestions , everyone has a say please. It’s an open conversation and will really love to hear your feedback. Thank you.


Welcome mama @Serem, God is really really here with us on this forum. God bless all of us and bless all mothers here with twins and triplets . This year will not pass us by IJN


A big welcome to all our new mothers, God will bless your womb with as many children as you desire. God does it all not man, please have faith and believe it is done. Congrats in advance.


Amen and Amen. This year is our year of testimonies