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Amen and amen


Wooooow,thank God oo am so happy for you dear,our God is so awesome,i pray God will answer us all this month please register for antenatal and also reduce all stress, God will see you tru pregnancy hood ijn. Amen


Amen. Am blessed to have u all here. God in heaven that answered me will answer each and everyone of u in Jesus name. By Monday I will go see my gynecologist




My name is Oghogho, I live in ijebu ode I am new there.
I thank God for this group because God Almighty will answer all of our heart desire.
Next month will be my 6years in marriage without a child, I do have this serious pains before my period soo painful that I can’t talk, walk or laid down, expect I take injunction to make me sleep, 3years ago my gyne doctor did a test I saw that I have endomerosis and introduced to me a tablet called danazol, when ever I used it I don’t feel the pain also I don’t mentrate and it shows am pregnant but whenever I stop taking the drugs after a month the period will now show face.
Please am tried of going to see doctors and collecting drugs without no result, I have done HSG any test you think of, my hubby the same which shows we are okay, right now my second thought is IVF, the problem now is how can i and my hubby gather such amount of money? God help us. Amen


Good morning @Bgmo and welcome to motherhood. It’s really sad that you have to go through this pain month in and out and years of infertility. Please know you are not alone and God will definitely hear our prayers. Before you even consider IVF I will suggest u make findings on which fertility clinic to use and the preassesment tests that will be conducted before they choose the right IVF protocol to use . Don’t forget prayers, God is gracious and faithful. Ehn ehn a sister mentioned a clinic in Lagos is doing a promo. All our best darling

Registration closes at the end of the month


hello dear @Bgmo,am hugging you right now,i know its not easy but God is going to manifest, surprise you and provide for you dear,He never fails,you shall carry your babies soon.




Welcome new mothers, may this new month bring in all our miracles. Amen


Please can we plan to have it online ?


Amen in Jesus Christ name. Thank you sis


Amen in d Mighty name of Jesus Christ. I will. Thank u so much.


Amen in d mighty name of Jesus Jesus. Thanks so much


I’m interested in the book Momma @ThefruitfulWife Knowledge is power o. Baby dust your way darl.


Amen and you too sweet, sent :kissing_heart:


Thankz alot darl. The book is lovely




Good evening mama’s and mama’s to be, am really happy to be here am learning a lot Plc mama’s u are talking about taken Maca root or powder, I want to ask what is Maca because I don’t know it, and for that ginger drink where can I get it?


hello dear @Suzy,there is a trend here about the maca root powder, Maca Root and Fertility also the ginger drink Ginger used to treat ovarian cysts and clear the fallopian tubes?


@Suzy love, ginger drink is when you boil the normal ginger root and drink it when it cools off. See more information on Maca here