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Sweet mom’s in the house I hail o… I’ve been off for a while. I’m so glad to be back. Work has been too demanding lately. I missed you all. Welcome and congratulations to all the new mommies in the house. We are indeed growing in leaps and bounds. All glory to God. I’ve read all the gist I missed. Thank you for all the prayers and words of encouragement. God is God. And God is good. He will surely surprise us before this year ends. Baby dust to you all… Congratulations in Jesus name. Amen.


Yayyy! Amen…welcome back darling. Glad to know u are good, God is working to perfect all that concerns us IJN. Please don’t forget to join the “I’m pregnant God has done it” challenge

Here is the thread

Message came to me for us Baby dust to you all​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


God will answer our prayers.


He’s answered already, amen


Amen… Thank you very much mama


Hello everyone.
New here,my name is Jennifer,not married yet. But it’s better to be learn and be prepared than to wait for later. I have really learned a lot from just reading posts and comments. To all those TTC ,it is written in the bible “that none shall be barren in the land” may the good lord who is too faithful to fail perfect His words in your lives in Jesus name. Amen


Good morning @Mzjay, it’s very great to have you here dear. It’s never to early to start learning about motherhood we welcome here with love. A big AMEN to your prayers for us, God bless you real good and pls be free to share any topic that will interest us all. Hugs


Welcome back @Sugargal we af missed you to well well. Thank God is work, that means more money :grin::grin:. God will do our miracles as we av desired them, amen. Yes oo we are growing and we shall all multiply too as we grow. Happy Saturday dear and to other mamas in the house. One love


Wow :hugs::hugs::hugs:. Welcome you well well @Mzjay it’s good u av learnt here oo. I’m so excited and am sure other mamas will welcome u warmly too. Pls dnt forget to share with us any concern u get, all na woman matter :grin:. See u around here dear


Thanks alot ma…I tap into your name…I want a set of twin 1st o​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Amen…thank you ma


Amen,welcome @Mzjay,good to have you here dearie.


welcome back dear @Sugargal, we are happy to hear back from you.we shall carry our babies soon ijn


From your mouth to God’s ears, Ameeen :grin:


My dear am very happy for u oooo, I pray I will be the next to testify blc God say I should go and mutiplp


Good evening mama’s, guess u all are doing very well? Mehhhn my body dey show me o, was even admitted for bed rest 2days ago, had serious stomach pain and they said is alcer. that many pregnant women usually have it. Though I am very fine now and my baby is intact too. I was equally made to do all the tests I am supposed to do wen I start antenatal about 9 tests (they nearly finish my blood) lol. Thank God they all came out very fine. The God of Sarah that visited me will visit u all in Jesus name


hello dear @serem,i had ulcer too during mine,i was given antacid to take any time i have stomach pain,hmmmm the pain no be for here oh, but it will go on its own.sorry dear,thank God the baby is fine,please do go for antenatals any time you have appointment its very helpful.


Amen, thank God you are back and better, the Lord is ur strength. We all shall be testifying soon of this kind of miracle too. Pele pls give our baby a big kiss :kissing_heart:


Awwwww thanks to God almighty he started it, he will definitely see you thru, doc’s said that most times its pregnancy that aggravates the ulcer, good a thing baby and body is strong. Welcome back love @Serem


Yes I was given gestid, ferobin plus and vit c for my routine drugs. Sure I will definitely go for antinatals. Tanks for ur concern