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Amen, it will surely be a September to remember ijnAmen


Amen oo


@Becky, you are not alone and I know this shall pass over to the glory of God’s name. You shld reduce anything with sugar, flour and take fruits and vegetables and water just like my sis @Jay talk am. The major one be say, no stress, no think am too much. People with worst situations conceive and our father will compensate all of us well well. Go for prayer meetings and have a big faith in God. It is well dear


Today was fine, Tnx @ThefruitfulWife for checking on us :grin:


Dear @Becky u are welcome and happy to have u here . My fellow mamas have said it all. Water, veggies, fruits and exercise minus stress and worry. It’s God that will do it. Which hospital are u using? Maybe another momma can recommend one they use especially for the fibroid. Take care of that and others too and God will answer us. PRAYERS too oo, nothing is achieved without God. I will always check up on u to know u are ok. Plentiful hugs


@aydiva Sallah went well, I rest wella away from all the ttc palaver. I hope we all had a productive day too. :kissing_heart:


Hi Becky, good to have you on this forum,am so sorry about what you passing through right now, in addition to what our mama’s have said you should also try body detox because it makes your hormone balanced take more supplements like omega plus, also more of fruits and water,avoid alcohol, caffines and sugar,remember also to PUSH(pray until something happens) we shall all carry our baby this month,I believe…




My people @LadyS @Becky you are all welcome. May God answer us speedily. @Becky, u will scale thru by God’s grace. I hope ur hubby is also supportive. You can have my shoulder to cry on when u need to. God bless and open our wombs in Jesus name. amen


@aydiva @mamapikin God bless and open our wombs in Jesus name. amen. Happy to have you here. :kissing_heart:


Welcome @Xcel @mamapikin plenty love from me.


@Abby @Rossy it’s good to have you all here too. I pray God will give us a testimony this month and shut the mouth of the devil. Have a great day beautiful mothers.


@aydiva we welcome you. We too shall celebrate the birth of our princess and princes, twins and triplets and as we all desire in Jesus name. Amen


Good AM house, am glad to be here and love the fact that we are all ready to share each other’s burden. I am in my late forties and with no child, husband impregnated another lady outside and have twins girls. My life is upside down and don’t even know where to start picking the pieces up again. My husband doesn’t even touch me again but I blive with IVF, I can have my own happiness. Should I use his sperm or donor sperm bcos he doesn’t even touch or stay romantic with me. But I thank God i have my own business that brings money in for me. My own family told me to get a donor but I still blive his own sperm is what i shld use since he doesn’t divorce me and the second woman is staying in a different house. Even his family neglected me like nothing good can come out of me :sob: May God bless us all


Thank you my sister@aydiva . God bless you!


I just want to thank everyone on this platform for showing me love and support, and for all the kind messages, i am grateful and am glad am in the right group. God bless you all, we will all smile before the end of this year in Jesus Name. Pls kindly recommend a good hospital i can be using for my case. i really don’t want to rely on one doctor. thank you all.


Dear Sis, you are welcome here, I can feel your pain and am so sorry for what you are passing through right now, I believe God is a porter,he will pick up the pieces of your life and remold you, you can still use his sperm donor because he has not divorced you,you are still his wife you have to proof his family wrong that something good can come out of you, I wish you God’s success in your IVF journey.Amen


You are welcome Sis,Good morning and how was your night,do have a nice day ahead…


Awww @Becky :hugs::hugs: Thank God for his love in our midst.

I’ve used a hospital at Surulere, now at Iponri (smith medical) but not sure how good he is at Fibroid. He takes his time to run tests and scans b4 prescribing drugs. He’s fairly affordable too sha compared to others. I will suggest you use one gynae cos of the cost implications, examinations, scans and tests. This our ttc journey is quite expensive you know. But if you are not getting the right vibe and care with your current gynae, pls move base.
I’m currently using Georges (babes, consultation fee is fairly high too) and a gynae at Ikotun (A bit affordable, but I schedule a meet with him when he’s consulting on the island where I work ), I can PM you his contact details. I’m sure other mamas in the house can recommend their trusted gynaes too. You can get Ruzu bitters at any pharmacy and I bought my Maca root powder from this lady (0903 549 6303) courtesy of @Jay :wink: You may also want to check some pharmacy or stores selling health products. I hope this is helpful.


Hi everyone . I’m happy to be here. I’m a Nigerian tryna conceive getting to one year now. I also believe that God’s timing is the best for us all. May He grant us our heart desires