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Hello @Mamajoe welcome dear, welcome to motherhood. Be free with us and share as you read along. :hugs:


hello dear @Mamajoe,you so much welcome here,we hope to hear from you again,please visit the trends and share your ideas


Ameennn. Our expectations will not be cut short.


I am fine, we thank God! Thank you for checking.

How are you all @ThefruitfulWife @aydiva @Jay @MumZaram @Dabby @pearl and everyone i didn’t mention.


We good good, happy Monday to us all. May the remaining days of this week yield our locked blessings. Amen. Thanks for checking in hun @afolake


Welcome @Mamajoe, we are happy to receive you today. I hope u get to read and learn as we mamas are doing and also share with us. love u and plenty baby dust on u.


am fine dearie,have a blessed week ahead


Very well darling just work, how ur side. Thanks for checking up, God bless you richly @afolake


Hello Mamas, pls don’t forget today is our fasting and prayer oo, let’s key in and our God shall show forth on our behalf. Today we shall be praying for our homes, husbands and families. That God will continue to keep our home peaceful,keep strange women out of our homes and bless our families immensely. Let’s speak what we desire into our families and have faith they will all come to pass.

Proverbs 31: 10-31
When our home is safe, good things comes in and peace reigns, joy fills our heart and we are happy. We are the neck, while our husbands are the head. If there is headache the neck and the rest of the body feels it. We shall be virtuous women in our homes and give our husbands the peace and love they desire. Amen


Hello everyone,
My name is adex and I have been Ttc for 20months, my husband and I have chlamydia and I have been taking treatment for over a year but each time I take a test it come back positive, I abstained from my husband for over 6 months because of this yet I keep getting a positive test result, is there anyone out there with same issue?


@Adetutu welcome on board sis. This must be very disturbing and I can imagine what it takes for you to abstain for 6 months. Based on a quick check I did, see the screen shots below. And please u need to give this an urgent treatment, maybe u shld get a second opinion with another gynae to prescribe medications for you and DH. Mamas pls help out here …


welcome dear @Adetutu, God will answer and take away this affliction very very soon earlier than you expected. welcome and pls feel at home, mamas here are very friendly and supportive.


Welcome @Adetutu, please try another gynae to be certain you are getting the right treatment. God will answer you and take away this delay. Please also ask to do more investigative tests to be sure.


A big amen to all our prayers o. Its not easy, d good Lord is our strength, by HIS stripes, we are heal. Av treated infection early this year, I n hubby, followed all instruction. Since then. No intches, no discharge, no sign of any. Went for a Brest n cervical screening, every thing was OK, only for the gyno to notice alot of viginal discharge in my pp. I n Dh had to run another test which we are going for the result tomorrow. Pls sis, let’s lift our voice in prayer to God, the issue of infections shud bcom a thing of the past, lets disconnect ourselves from it. The good Lord will answer us. Amen.


Ameeeen, afflictions shall not rise up the second time IJN. Amen


Amen to all the prayers


Hello Mamas, sorry I’ve been out for a long time. How is every1 doing? May this year end in praise for us all. Amen.


Amen @LadyS, how are u doing and have a blessed day. it’s good to have u back :grin: