New Members, Introduce Yourself Here


Hi everyoneam new here. Am TTC and I pray God answers our prayers for those who are TTC too.


Welcome @J_don you are welcome to motherhood. God will answer us speedily. Please read along and share with us. one love . Mamas we have a new mama GTC (going to conceive) in our midst @ThefruitfulWife @Jay @Floxy_Iy_Oni @Dabby @pearl @Victoria @Onyii @RedWine @Sugargal pls let’s show some love


Hi Everyone. I’m Cheun. I’ve been married one year and I am glad to be a part of this group with the sole purpose of learning and sharing. I’m in my early thirties and I pray that God will bless all us TTC with fruitfulness. Thank you.


Very big welcome to you mummy’s @J_don, @Cheun we are glad to have you in our midst and I pray God put a smile in all our faces in no time. Love u mama’s. Eheen @LadyS welcome back darling wev missed you so much.


Welcome @Cheun to motherhood, God is never late and he will answer our prayers as we desire. Please where are u in your journey, tests and diagnosis. Let’s share our thoughts dear. BTW where are u based? Plenty hugs and baby dust


We welcome u @J_don with open arms and plenty love. Our hope will not be delayed IJN. Please share with us as you read along, we care. Please where are you based? We are having a Xmas hangout on Dec 16th, Saturday. Please join us let’s celebrate life.


Good morning everyone. God’s blessings today.I reside in abuja. I would love to join all TTC mothers for the get together .


Thank you so much @ jay. God bless you.


Yayyyy!!! Abuja mamas oya oo @Sugargal @Dyolahh begin to gather and plan. You can create your own thread or WhatsApp group for the hangout. We in Lagos are planning on that too.

Please inbox @ThefruitfulWife ur numbers let’s begin the planning :dancer:t3::dancer:t3::dancer:t3::dancer:t3::dancer:t3::dancer:t3::dancer:t3::dancer:t3::dancer:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2:. @ThefruitfulWife abeg come make we start.


Thank you so much @ThefruitfulWife. It’s a great pleasure to be here. I reside in Ondo state. For tests and diagnosis, I had a myomectomy earlier this year and still under treatment for hormonal imbalance. I look up to God for his favour upon us all


Am new here and am happy to find a group like this. Am Ayomikun from ondo state diagnosed of pcos. A mother of one,age 3yrs and trying for another . Despite being a mother of one the 2yrs of waiting has not been easy.I resolved on natural herbal remedy now if after, nothing happens I’ll go for ivf now that my age is an advantage for it to be successful but I pray it works for me because am tired of trying with no result.Tired of people asking what are you waiting for!


my name is oloriaree. ttc. I joined this group go learn more on how I can concieve. I have done so many test and used several drugs but my issue is in explained.


Welcome to motherhood @Ayomikunkco @Oloriaree God will perfect all for everyone. Even with PCOS nothing is impossible, my friend had it and now very pregnant. If IVF is ur next move, mothers her can recommend some centres in Lagos, Abuja and other places they’ve had a successful one. God bless our princess and many more to follow. @Oloriaree if I may ask, what tests have u done so far? Baby dusts mamas


Welcome mamas, God will bless ur heart desires @J_don @Cheun @Ayomikunkco @Oloriaree the hormones shall cooperate with ur body and a God will heal u permanently. Pls try n take veggies and fruits it really helps. This forum has really helped me and I know u will benefit from it too. Baby dusts to everyone


Hi everyone
Am new here and by name am royalty newly married, a Nigerian, and by his grace looking forward to start having children… As quick as possible… Tanks


Welcome on board Royalty. God has already answered dear, do ur part and live healthy. It’s good u start with ur prenatal vitamins mostly folic acid and take fruits and less sugar. Pls read the posts here very helpful and mamas here too are very welcoming


Hi everyone
am new here and by name am royalty.
Newly married, a Nigerian and 15110237177061758557141 looking forward to start having children…


Welcome dear, nothing is difficult for God. PCOS or whatever name it is called. I know that feeling and questions people cast ur way. If u decide to settle on IVF pls still pray as you plan. Baby dust dear and don’t let people’s questions get too u, we are all humans.


Tanks @Abby I appreciate


See as u fine, fresh wife …:kissing_heart:. My sister know one thing first that only God gives and you will definitely have ur own children. Eat and live healthy, also start taking ur folic acid to prepare ur body and pls PRAY. it will happen and we shall all rejoice. Read our discussions on different topics and share with us. We are all GTC - Going To Conceive :hugs: