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Dearest @Oloriaree pls don’t get tired with all ur efforts, it is going to happen ok? Pls what tests have u done so far and any diagnosis u wish to share with us? We support one another here cos we are all walking in the same shoes. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart: baby dust dear


Welcome mama @LadyS, we hope u are coming for our hangout sha :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Tanks mam…we are all going to testify by his grace in no distant time… Tanks once again


First how is our 3-year old doing? My sister we are all in the same shoes oo. PCOS should not hinder you though if well managed. You may need to change ur diet and what medication are u placed on? I also advice IVF especially if age is not on ur side , God can perform his work even before u start the IVF process. Pls pray always and have faith he will do it. Pls be free to share any concerns with us. :hugs::hugs::hugs:




Whatever God cannot do for me let it be, i cannot also do it myself. My hope, trust, faith us on him.


Welcome mamas to motherhood @J_don @Cheun @Ayomikunkco @Oloriaree, it’s only God we know in this forum, we also support one another by sharing what we do differently and healthy living. The mamas have said it all, folic acid and less sugar. Then some herbal drink like ginger drink and Maca root powder. We will all celebrate soon in Jesus name. Pls share with us oo, problem shared is half solved :kissing_heart:


Thank you so much @ladyS for the advice. We all hope on God that what ever we use will bring us our bundle of joy. Nany baby dust to all TTC women


clomiphene citrate(100mg)with metforming (1000g) now on injectibles. After all I conceived immediately after my wedding without knowing my irregular periods was caused by pcos had a safe pregnancy and opted for C/S when I was told madam calm down ure now 9cm but u have to calm down because your baby’s heartbeat is getting faster which is not too good. I just said C/S straight that am no longer interested in SVD. And he is doing fine thanks


Let’s be optimistic dear and I believe it will definitely happen


Hello house, new here. May God answer us speedly in Jesus name.


Amen @Eugold, the best is coming our way sooner than we expected. Have you done any tests you wish to share with us? also try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Pls read our threads and comment as you read along. Baby dust :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Hi everyone,my name is Lola from kwara, I’m glad I came across this platform.I’ve been trying to conceive for six years of marriage, I conceived spontaneously after 2 rounds of IVF in July but lost it at close to was an unpleasant experience but in all,I still give glory to God. Hoping to gain a lot from this group, Tnx and I love you all.


Greeting to every strong woman here.Am new to the group.I just joined today.


Thank you mami.


Goodevening to everyone in the house. My name is Wunmi. It is my pleasure meeting you all. Am a TTC mum. God bless us all. Regards


Am so happy to be here, my name is success I have been having issues for a while now, I normally have irregular and painful periods, i notice some inches too, i av gone for seriels of text and it was confirmed that I had infections which I have treated serverally, there was a time I usually have this navel pain so I went for a scan, it was discovered I had PID and a side of my womb was blocked, a doctor suggested hydrotubenation which I did, the pain is gone but I am still experiencing this sharp pain at the lower side of my pelvic whenever I want to unrinate especially a week or two after my period and I also experience sperm linkage after sex. Pls anybdy with any suggestions coz am tired of taking drugs. And I have not been able to take in. Thanks


@Lollypop u sympatise with you and I know everything happens for a reason and God always have the best in store for us. Please share and comment as you read along. God will give us a new song b4 we enter the new year IJN and double for our troubles. Amen

If you are available and based in Lagos, Onitsha, Owerri or Abuja, kindly join us to plan for the Xmas hangout. It’s going to be fun!


Welcome @Mummytwins, like your name indicates so shall you be called and they shall live to declare God’s glory. Pls feel free to share with us as you read along. If you are available and based in Lagos, Onitsha, Owerri or Abuja, kindly join us to plan for the Xmas hangout. It’s going to be fun!


Dear Success @Eva, welcome to motherhood and we hope you will share your BFP testimony very soon. We have a thread here on infection
Recurrent Vaginal Itching

For the womb diagnosis has your gynae proferred a clear solution to that? And what options you might be looking at. Please know that God is the great physician and nothing is impossible for him to do. Mamas in the house pls let’s welcome our new sisters and fruitful mothers @Jay @Floxy_Iy_Oni @Victoria @MamaTwins @RedWine @pearl @Sugargal @aydiva @aya_olatunji @FruitfulTemitope @MamaTwins @Alexkachi @Clemmbrown @Suzy @GreatJoy @Dabby @Bgmo and @all