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@J_don @Cheun @Ayomikunkco @Oloriaree @Eugold @Mummytwins @Lollypop @Eva @Wunmz @Royalty Welcome mamas to motherhood, God is working on our cases and we shall all testify in Jesus name. Pls feel free to hit us all up and join to plan for our Xmas hangout. Especially if u are in Abuja or Lagos. Pls let’s all plan to join and ease the stress away. Have a great day every1


Sorry dear thank God u are ok now, I hope u are not doing any thing stressful just take good care of ur self and I pray the God who visited u will visit me to before the end of this year in Jesus name


@J_don @Cheun @Ayomikunkco @Oloriaree @Eugold @Royalty @Lollypop @Mummytwins @Eva @Wunmz Welcome all to motherhood. Just feel like reminding you that God of all flesh ,which we serve,does not have any record impossibility with him. When you must have done all,stand your feet on the promises of God towards your fruitfulness. He that promised will do it for us all,and trusting God it won’t be long we all will have the evidence. Read previous discussion, I believe you have a lot to learn from them. Xmas hangout loading. Anybody in Enugu? Chai!


TTC… From Lagos… Aim is to get pregnant…




Welcome @Queenteeade to Motherhood, we are all Going to conceive (GTC), we hope your stay is filled with testimonies and you move on to the Pregnancy thread very very soon. We have many threads to learn from you and please feel free to share your challenges with us. We care!

Please join us in our Lagos Xmas hangout for Dec 16th. You can inbox me your phone number to add you to the whatsapp group or just join from this link below:


welcome @Mummytwins


Please ma… Wat are the most likely vitamin to take


Welcome @Queenteeade, you are in the right place. God will bless us all very soon IJN. Amen


I usually take folic acid and vitamin E.


@Eugold @Mummytwins @Lollypop @Eva @Wunmz @Royalty @Queenteeade welcome fruitful mothers, may God favour us b4 the year runs out IJN.


I was taking Pregnacare for conception and it contains enough Folic acid required.


Thank you @MamaTwins Amen…


@Abby someone actually advised I take pregnacare but i thought it was for someone already pregnant, pls advise if I can use it too…


Amen and Amen… Congratulations to us






Yes @Queenteeade pregnacare have different ranges, for conception, for pregnant women, for nursing mothers too.



@Eva welcome to fruitful forum where God is working wonders and everyone here is fruitful. I pray that soon the Lord will visit you, fir reoccurring infection is not a new thing, do a culture test, use strong antibiotics to fight it, the sperm linkage infection too also help in sperm linkage. You need to treat the infection once and for all to be free from sperm linkage, read about ginger and garlic drink, it also help alot.


Hi everyone,.im super excited about this forum💃🏽.Im Chestnut,long term ttc.6years to be precise.was diagnosed with PCOS in 2012,have had 4 IUIs and 2 IVFs.All failed.been a tough journey for me but I’m still hopeful.happy to be here.