New Members, Introduce Yourself Here


:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: God never fails and he’s the surest bet. I decree he will step into your case and answer you sooner than you expected. I’ve gone through failed IUI so I have an idea of what you went through. Was any diagnosis made for the failed procedures ? Also, did you ever do Hysteroscopy as part of your pre- assessment tests b4 the procedures? Pls join us for our Xmas hangout, where are you based dear.


Hello beautiful mummies in the house my name is Tina trying to conceive for 3 years that was before I legally got married last year April. I have this strong feeling that God has done it this November, will be going for test hope to hear good news. Amen here to learn. God bless us all and answer our prayers with double.


Ameen, I strongly stand in faith with you @Tina and I can’t wait to share in your joy. Please where are you based? You can plan to join us for the Xmas hangout. Kindly share your location dear. Thanks and good news all the way.


Hello Everyone.
I am ify
Resides in Awka
So happy to be here. Finally I found something related to my root.
I really want to make new friends and cool off.


Welcome dearie @ifyeanyichukwu to motherhood, please feel free to comment and end private messages to any1. We support one another and God reigns here. Also share with us as you read along. much love and hugs


Amen. I will definitely share my testimony here. Am in Abuja.


Im new here, married 1year and 5 months ago. Waiting to be pregnant soon


Thanks @Tina welcome on board. Please inbox me your number lemme add you to the group. Abuja sisters have vowed to make their Xmas hangout dope! :heart_eyes:We shall see :hugs:


Hi…good evening everyone. I am Oluwayomi in ondo state. A newly married bride and want to start making babies asap. It’s great to be here!


Welcome love, and God will bless your home as you have desired. Please less sugary stuff and more of fruits. Pray as you do your part and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is surely going to happen, be free to share with us as you read along. Baby dust


God will surprise you sister and I know very very soon. I use myself as a point of contact to you and others and I pray for abundance of BFPs in our midst. Amen, please never lose faith IJN God. :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


I Welcome all our new fruitful mamas in the house, God bless us and give each and every one of us a miracle that cannot be hidden IJN. God is here and we believe in him. Start taking ur prenatal vitamins to prepare ur body. Baby dust


Thank u ma’am and amen. It’s so great to be in such a loving atmosphere


Thanks so much ma andnamen


Amen.yes did all the tests and they all looked good…no diagnosis was made for the failure.unexplained.where is it taking place?im based in Abuja.


Hi everyone am new here.I need u to welcome me for me to know if am in d right place


@Jennyg u are welcome. Also new here though. It’s such a loving atmosphere here.


Good morning, my name is Nneka I got married last month, I’m in my early 30’s,I’m happy to be here,I wish to learn a lot because I’m new to marriage life and also I’m trying to conceive. I hope to learn a lot in this group. I live in Warri delta state.


Hello everyone my name is Amis18, being ttc for 4 years now in my 40s, done all necessary tests and normal but am still praying God will look at me am really depressed.


You are welcome @Jennyg, you are in the right place dear and God will bless you with your heart desires. Amen. Please feel free to ask, comment and share with us on different threads. :hugs::kissing_heart: