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What tests did you do?


Good morning sis, please don’t be depressed. God only does the impossible. Any diagnosis? And have you considered ART?


Hi all. My name is Fk. Recently my two month old princess went to be with the Lord. This happened October this year. I know the same God will do it again.


Awww, my heart goes to you FK. Very soon God will wipe your tears and give you double for your troubles. It is well with your family and pls don’t be downcast, our God will step in your case :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


When u least expect God will just show up. Just relax ur mind and God will do it


Am Jennifer ,from cross river state, married mast year march still TTC but the doc said is fibroids looking forward for natural way to cure fibroids from this group thanks.


Amen. Thank you so much


Welcome on board Jennifer, God will answer you speedily and the rest of us too. You might fondness this thread useful for natural ways to shrink fibroid. I have not tried it before so I can’t say if it works or not. Other mamas may have other options dear. Baby dust and hugs :hugs:


Hello everyone. Am new here. Live in Abuja. I had a miscarriage in May ds yr after trying for six yrs…fell into labour at 19wks, my baby came out dead cos it ws too early. Since then myself and hubby has been so depressed. Just when we tot we were finally going to be parents the unexpected happened. Will be 33 in few wks time. Hubby says we should go for ivf. I pray it’s works cos av heard so many negative reports. Pls can anyone suggest a good hospital for us in abuja…thanks


It’s really sad what you had to go through, please don’t be depressed because God will fulfill his promise upon your life and your children shall surround your table. It’s good to consider IVF and please pray along because God works in diverse ways. I understand NISA is good but at the same time please get your facts right about IVF clinics as some of them are just for the money. God will bless your efforts and make your joy to be full IJN.


Leticia, TTC
I am from Nigeria
About conception especially when your husband is usually not always around.
I lost a 6months old pregnancy July 2017 and have been on TTC since then


Hi everyone, Am mulan. Got married April 2015, got pregnant August 2016, lost it at the 3rd month, no heartbeat. Got pregnant again August 2017, lost it in sept , ectopic pregnancy tubal removal. Scheduled for an HSG in DEC, but am hoping on an 11th hour miracle. Cannot afford an Ivf for now, but I know miracles do happen. What’s d difference BTW hydrotubation and HSG??


OMG! so sorry dear :cry::cry::cry:, i wish I have the right words to say…but no I don’t. I can only pray that God smiles on you, give you strength and grace to trust more in his plans and then give you a new song that will wipe away all that have grieved your heart. If it is possible and work permitting, staying with your DH will be more comforting . But if not, please plan periodic visits if he’s within the country to enhance your chances of conceiving again ASAP. I pray God answer you speedily. Baby dust love!


Dear @Mulan, perhaps your gynae may have more information for the cause of the MC . You don’t even have to consider an IVF because God is going to perform his work in your life and this time around. You shall carry to term IJN.
Hydrotubation is flushing of the Uterus - the liquid methylene blue or saline is transfused from cervix into the uterine cavity to detect blockage of the tube as well as flushing of the tubes. While HSG is a radiological procedure that a contrast is passed via the Veejay to the Uterus to check your fallopian tubes if there is any blockage or not and to detect the presence of fibroids or cysts. Both involves using a liquid to detect opening of the tubes. But HSG shows an Xray of how the liquid diffuses from the tubes. Some hospitals don’t give anesthesia during both procedures. But it’s always good to request for it. I hope this helps.


Hi everyone I’m new here 34yrs of age
married for 4month ttc but I was diagnosed with degenerating fibroid that make me worried and I thinks I have problem with my ovalation what do I do sisters


Yeah its helps, just having someone to talk to about it helps a lot. Did an HSG last year July, got pregnant in Aug. Will discuss with my gynea to know which to do, either an HSG or Hydrotubation. Dearest hubby has been my rock, sometimes I get depressed but all I do is pray n wish on a miracle. Would keep u updated.


I completely understand dear and trust me, one thing we all in the waiting room should always be grateful for is our DHs. God just blessed us with them not only as husband and friend but as our support systems and number 1 fan. We are human, hence likely to be depressed but not to stay in that pit of depression. Personally, I will say you find out from your gynae reasons for the MC because it’s better to treat knowing the real cause of the issue rather than go for another HSG. just my thought dear.


Hello to u all.
Im new here, TTC mother as well
Hoping to see all of us celebrate with our babies soon. ONE LOVE


did try to find out, the baby stopped growing at 10weeks. I was given an injection to naturally eject it. The doc said maybe the baby wasn’t growing well. The body has a way of letting us know, that it could ve been an incomplete child at the end hence it stopped growing on its own
My present gynea ran some hormonal test, I have high prolactin, says history of diabetes in my family line may caused it, that I produce less progesterone to support my pregnancy. So my next pregnancy I would be placed on progesterone for d first few months.
Thanks so much, it feels good talking about it. I hope to share the good news with u


Welcome to motherhood @Tonia and God will bless our wombs with our hearts desires. Amen