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God will perfect it all for us and our testimonies shall not be cut short. Amen


My name is Providence Ivie, Nigeria, delta state warri precisely. I am a TTC trying to know about conception and motherhood and to learn the how to do it so that I can have children of my own. By the help of God through this group. Thanks.


Hello everyone happy new month… My name is Ola from lagos state… Married for 2yeasr now,TTC after a miscarriag… I realy want to know how long it will take to be preggy again.


You are welcome my sis, I live in warrior too. By his grace we will all carry our babies in Jesus name


Welcome dear, I suffered a miscarriage too, there’s no specific time frame. Some get pregnant ASAP, I for one had to wait too. Not an easy task but all we can do is pray. Wish u all d best


hello dear @olabic,so sorry for the miscarriage,you can get pregnant even 2 to 3 months after a miscarriage,have you done some tests with your hubby plus hope you are seeing a gynea baby dust to all.


Hello dear @Ivie_Providence, welcome to motherhood,please visit the trends here on this forum,and ask questions.we love to hear back from you


Hello @Tonia,welcome here,you are free to ask questions,and hope you’ve gone for several check ups with hubby you will Carry your baby soon dear


Dear @Suxym,welcome here and visit a trend on how to shrink fibroid also you can know your ovulation period using (OPK) ovulation prediction kit.


Dear@aydiva thank you I will get it soon


Welcome @Ivie_Providence, God of perfection will perfect all ur heart desires. Please read through the different threads of topics and please be free to share, ask and comment on any topic. We support one another so please be free to share any ideas and topics you have. Baby dust :hugs::hugs:


Welcome to motherhood sis, please know that delay is not denial and no specific time to start trying again. Just as @Mulan has said some immediate and some some time. But God is never too late and he will surely do it for us. Please never forget the place of prayers, it does the impossible


Hello everyone, am new here, I don’t know my way around this group… Hv been TTC for 2yrs Now… I pray that God will answer my prayers through this group, Amen.


@Uclove we welcome you dear and it’s our prayers too that God bless your womb and favour you with your heart desires. Have you done any assessment test yet to know the cause of the delay? A quick run through of the forum, we have different topics that have been discussed by different sisters as well as responses from other mothers. If you have a question and is not previously discussed you can create the topic/question under the category it falls in. OR if you want more clarification on one that is already discussed, please ask on the same thread. You will definitely get a response form us. Please feel free to share and ask as you read along. Baby dusts


Hi,am Adenike from lagos,can someone welcome me.Got married two yrs ago,i pray i shall give testimony soon and all ttc.amen


@uclove u are welcome dear to a very supportive group of ladies, where we share our thoughts, opinion and encouragement. Same boat as u are, TTC for 2years but God is never late dear, just hold on


Welcome @Adenike1 to motherhood, we hope you will learn and share with us as you read along. You are not alone in this journey and let your faith be sure to know that God is preparing the best for us all. Have you done any assessment test to know the cause for the delay? Please feel free to share any challenge you have with us and learn as you read along on the different threads. Baby dust!


Hi, I am Ujunwa from Imo state. I live in Lagos. Newly married and trying to conceive. I don’t know much about motherhood . Will love help from experienced mothers


We welcome you to motherhood @Uju and we hope you have started on your prenatals or Folic acid. Also know your fertile window that shows when you are ovulating. You can use the ovulation calculator on this forum for that. The most important thing, it’s not how often you meet but God that blesses our effort, so please think less about it, stay healthy and let God do is work. Please be free to ask, share or create your own topic or comment on any topic. Baby dust sweet.


Thank you so much