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hello dear @Uju,welcome to fruitfulness, please have more fun with hubby,eat healthy and avoid fatty foods,also take more fruits and vegetables and prenatal dust dear.


welcome here dearie,hope you and DH are seeing a gynea,please feel free to share your ideas and ask questions.this year will not pass you by…cheers


welcome to fruitfulness,God ill surely answer you,you can share your thoughts and questions,also visit the trends here to share from other mums,you will carry your babies soon dear


Good morning to all the members (mummies and mummies to be) have been TTC for 7years now please i need your help and advice on how i can concieve.

Thank you all


Good morning fruitful @Kemigwe, I salute your patience and faith in God and it will never be in vain. Is there any diagnosis that has been made to explain the delay? Kindly share with us.


Hello dear @Kemigwe ,welcome to fruitfulness,please feel free to ask questions about all the diagnosis and procedures you’ve dome,remember God is never late,he has done it before and he will do it again.


Thank u so mush…still under going some test with my gyn


Ok, feel free to share any info at your convenience. Please always remember that with God all things are possible.


Amen. yes, have gone to different hospital both private and general, done series of test (scan, hsg, hydrotubation etc) and discovered that i had fibroid which i operated and also tried IUI and IVF that failed


Amen. Have done IUI and IVF and have taken different fertility drugs including Melfin and clomid


I had a failed IUI too so I completely understand what you are going through. What I can suggest is this - Hold on to God. When all our efforts have failed and medicine has no victory, God wants us to know that only HIM can do it. In the meantime, is the fibroid completely gone now ? I will also encourage you to use natural supplements like Maca root powder, some of us here are using it and personally I’m seeing a great change. It happens when you least expects it. Just curious, have you done hysteroscopy? One of my friends took in after that procedure. Please don’t despair and know that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with GOD.


dear @Kemigwe,so sorry for the failed IUI and IVF,about the fibroid,there is a trend attached you can go through it,also remember PUSH [pray until something happens].he will surely replace your sorrow with joy


No have not heard about hysteroscopy.

As for the fibroid, the Dr assure us that everything was removed because it was multiple but people do say when fibroid operation is done on a patient, the patient will have to conceive on time otherwise it will regrow (But i have faith that mine will never regrow IJN).

I will check for Maca root powder i pray i get in my area. Thank you so much


Hello house. My name is Omotola Ilesanmi. I just joined this group. Just got married.


welcome dear @Omotola88,happy married life dearie,your marriage shall be a blessing and children shall surround your table,enjoy DH and take prenatal vitamins like folic acid daily.we love to hear your testimony.


I’m so sorry. God will restore and give you double for all your troubles


Hello Ladies. I’m happy I found this forum. Stalked you until I finally succumbed lol. In my early 30s, got married March 2017 and ttc. Was not worried and thot Hubz was not as well cos we stay apart cos of work and see at weekends only and tot we cud plan my ovulation days around it (using an app to track). Told him a week ago that his younger brother’s wife told me she was pregnant (they got married May 2017), he then got interested and started to talk about having a baby tho I’ve tried to get him to focus on ttc since. Wen we met over the weekend, he shared a link and said I need to see the doctor cos I have facial hair and acne (I don’t have these in excess). I tried to disagree cos I don’t think we have really focused on ttc since we can go 2 weeks without sex. I’m kinda at a loss at where to begin and really hoping this forum can help me.


hello dear @Pwetty_kika,welcome to fruitfulness,its good to start seeing a gynea also you have to go for some medical tests and scans to know exactly what’s going on,though lack of enough sex can also cause delay,make sure you take prenatal vitamins,more fruits and vegetables,maca root powder is also will testify soon dust


I have faith with you that it is completely gone. Hysteroscopy is a procedure to check the uterus and most times to know why pregnancies are failing.


Welcome dear @Omotola88 and happy married life. I hope you have started on your folic acids. Please read through our different threads, I’m sure you will find them useful and educative. Also please feel free to ask any questions and share any info you have. I pray for quick conception for you dearie. Baby dust :kissing_heart: