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Let me first of all welcome you to motherhood @Pwetty_kika and trust me I am really happy you joined. Not just for ttc for for information purpose. You don’t have to be worried about your facial hairs and acne becos that doesn’t actually dictates if you will have delayed conception. But to be sure, you can run the basic assessment tests like hormonal profile (FSH-LH-Prolactin-Progesterone), Thyroid, and Pelvic scan. These are first basic tests any gynae will recommend for you before further tests will be considered.
Also, you might want to increase your frequency of meeting your husband because at times the ovulation timing might change due to any factor.
Moreover, it may just be that the timing has not clicked yet for conception and all is good for you and hubby. But all the same due to age factor, I will urge you to start your tests now to be sure you are not shooting blank. You get? Anyways, it’s 9 months already and docs will tell you to start seeking help if above 30s. We are happy to share and read from you. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:
Mamas pls help out here from your experience.


We are all humans, we do not know the right timing, even doctors cannot tell the right time that conception can take place, I want you to to hand over your case to the almighty God the one who uses blood and water to form a child. Do your test but do not give up and don’t allow your sil testimony to boarder you cos soon you will be pregnant. I join my faith with urs when the right time comes with hair or not, with fallopian tube or not with uterus or not baby will form in your womb. Keep your faith alive.


Thanks so much… I was diagnosed of high prolactin… Hv taken series of drugs bt recently my Dr. gave me cabergoline…i hope it works.


Honestly love, high prolactin is not a biggie. I was once diagnosed with it sometimes in August/Sept last year and after about 4-5 months of treatment with Parlodel (1 tablet daily) I stopped taking the medication sef :see_no_evil: and later on did a follow up test in August this year and it has regularized.
But the length of treatment is dependent on how high the value is. Mine was pretty high tho :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Hi all, I am new here. My user name is Hazel but my real name is Adebola. I joined about two weeks ago I think. I I got married October 2017 and I have so much to learn. I am looking forward to getting pregnant hopefully very soon. issue I have always had is my period has always been irregular since I started as a teenager. Sometimes I may not see it for months. it didn’t bother me then cos I was a teen and the doctor said it was normal. Now I am married, its a cause for concern. Please, what can I do? I know God gives babies but I am still worried!!


@Hazel follow your monthly cycle using ovulation calculator, have you run some test to find out what is the issue with the irregular monthly flow? Tune some test and find out, if is something you can treat, treat it. Never you forget that God is the only one who knows the best timing.


Welcome dearie @Hazel, one of our very fresh bride :grin::kissing_heart: . My best suggestion is to run some tests like @RedWine had suggested to be sure of what is really going on. Irregular period makes it very difficult to know when you are ovulating. You will be surprised a single/double dose of a prescribed medication can regularize your period. Please start by seeing a gynae who will order some tests and a scan. That way, you are sure to be on the right track. Do keep us updated dear and quick conception :hugs:


Hi everyone, my name is Queen, I’ve been TTC for about 5years. I did hsg twice, the first one was bilateral tubal blockage while the second one shows only left tube blocked. I have been using some enzymes and they seems to be working. Please I need a good place to do flushing within Lagos.


We welcome u on board and to motherhood. Sisters any suggestions for her ?
Also would you mind sharing the enzyme u’ve been using ?

Thanks and baby dust


Thanks. I’m using Serrapeptase with nattokinase and/or wobenzyme. I also used Chinese tea and women best friend.


Hi dear @Pwetty_kika welcome to fruitfulness, my candid advice is just dey knack dey go, don’t try to wrap your head around timing cos most times, it doesn’t work that way, I really don’t see an issue with d facial hair and acne, though science might come up with PCOS scare and all sorts of names, again those doesn’t matter when God steps in, but then again Sis, sincerely that weekend thing might not work if ttc, so biko you and hubby should work it out, however, how’s your monthly flow like painful or normal? Do you ovulate? You should carry out some test as early detection is key. Pls do more of the baby dance and watch God surprise you :kissing_heart:


Hi dear, congratulations, May God bless your home with fruitfulness in all angle. We happy to have you. @Omotola88


Yeeeey iyawo wa, congrats ooo, how are you enjoying your new status :grin:, pls oooo hope our survirnirs is still in tact. May God bless your union, may he bless your home with fruitfulness amen. I quite agree with what other mums had suggested, pls it’s nice you see a gynea, just to guide you through the irregularities cos it posses threat in conception a great deal, but that’s not ur portion, the more reason I will always advice early detection. On a lighter note, try and change your life style, have more veggies, lots of water, take Maca it helps and it’s organic, so you can still have your routine drugs with it, have plenty of sex too, Gods gifts and timing is unimaginable


Thanks @Jay. My period is regular every month. However not until I started using the Flo app I could have sworn my cycle was 28 - 30 days. Since tracking for the last 4 months, I realize it hovers between 32 and 35 days so I think I might have been timing wrongly. Anyways, we plan to increase frequency since DH is on leave. I raised visiting a gynae with him again and he said we should wait until after our first anniversary. So we will see how it goes.


Good to know you have a monthly normal flow darling so no shaking :joy:, and you have a long circle like me too, so yes I think your timing is been wrong :joy:, and yes hubby is right I agree , wait till after your first anniversary okay? Which by his grace before then, you won’t have to c a gynea but share d good news with us. Enjoy your baby dance love. It’s well @Pwetty_kika


Hello House. Been on the journey for 1.8 years. I’ve undergone series of fertility treatments from hormonal imbalance (anovulation) correction to HSG to hydrotubation after which i conceived by then miscarried after 8weeks. Just concluded a round of Zoladex injections (6 months) and just resumed a new round of fertility treatments. I’m thankful for this forum because I hope it will help me draw strength from other women on the journey as I sometimes feel like I’m alone with no one to really open up to. I look forward to a BFP soon!


It is going to be alright dear and be sure we all are in the same boat in this. It’s really sad u lost your pregnancy at that but know that God will help u to recover all that u lost and affliction shall not rise up the second time IJN. I’m praying along with you that a new year miracle will bless your home according to your faith. Amen


Thanks a lot! @ThefruitfulWife
I really feel blessed by your message! God bless you!!


Hello dear @P.A-A,welcome to fruitfulness,am so sorry for the miscarriage but i believe God will replace it with multiple babies,merry xmas and happy new year in advance


U too darling