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You are welcome Sis, really happy to have you here,you will carry your baby soon ijn Amen


@Mummynwa our Mummy, these shall be your testimony. God will bless you with children that will call you Mummy. Welcome dear we are happy to have you here :kissing_heart:. Yes his timing will not be too late for us all because God is never late. Before the end of this year, we shall have testimonies of BFPs to share in Jesus name. Amen.
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you are welcome ma,God will answer us this month ijn,its our month of fruitfulness


Amen and Amen


Amen and Amen


Amen oh. All TTC mum must surely testify


It’s well ma. You can use his own if he’s willing and if you still want him, if not, get a donor and have your peace. God bless and lead you


Good evening mamas in the house @IamAwinner @Becky @ChaCha @Victoria @simplymilk @aydiva @Abby @Leema @anonymous2 @anonymous3 @MamaTwins @Drealmum @Aldo @fortune @HerCrown @Jay @afolake @LadyS @Libertyinstinct @Sum1beads @Rossy @Tee_s @Mydear @Xcel @Yadeife @Sapphire @anonymous1 @anonymous4 @anonymous1,how has being your day,just passing by and i decided to holla at you…greet our DHS for me and make sure you prepare a nice dinner,and do some gymnastics wink


Thanks @aydiva for checking up, am good sure others are too. Went to see my gynea today, after several scan and blood work to be sure all is well, so I will be placed on clomid this first cycle hoping to c bfp #winks# we shall all testify before the year runs out.


You will surely carry your baby soon dear,make sure you take your drugs very well,you shall testify ijn Amen


Hi Sis, plentyyyyy of hugs for your courage, all I could read is a loving wife, dieing to be loved in return, regardless. I think I can imagine how u feel, but note that even if everyone desert u, Holy Spirit will not. Am a bit layed back as to suggesting his sperm donor, since he doesn’t even touch u romantically, because while going to c a gyne he/she will request DH comes with u, but am hoping he agrees, that will be perfect then u have to try ivf procedure. Cos getting a donor sperm outside will be more disastrous, if he’s not in support, thereby leading to divorce, except u have weighed ur options. However, ttc waka nobi here at all with all the spending and test, I will advice u stick to one but ensure the doc is good. Mine is good but she stays at Shasha around egbeda it’s quite a distance for me from Surulere, but babes I dey run am like that. Hugs Nne , but u know ur a winner now, :smile::smile::smiley:God is your strength.


Thank you @aydiva am doing good…


You are welcome @Mummynwa
May God answer our prayers!


@Jay, yayyy! progress I see. I’m praying along with you that it gives you the long awaited BFP. My sister distance no be issue when it comes to ttc. May God bless all our efforts speedily in Jesus name.


@aydiva, thank you hun and how’s our lil princess doing. Plenty kisses from me to her.


Good morning mamas in the house @IamAwinner @Becky @ChaCha @Victoria @simplymilk @Abby @Leema @anonymous2 @anonymous3 @MamaTwins @Drealmum @Aldo @fortune @HerCrown @Jay @afolake @LadyS @Libertyinstinct @Sum1beads @Rossy @Tee_s @Mydear @Xcel @Yadeife @Sapphire @anonymous1 @anonymous4 @anonymous1,how was your night,hope it was splendid like mine,i wish us all a pleasant day ahead.


@IamAwinner, my heart goes out to you and wish you can feel my hands around you. God never leaves his own and even the rejected stone has became the cornerstone, this shall be your lot and you shall have your own children too in Jesus name. My honest suggestion is to plead with him to give you his sperm for the IVF procedure, speak and plead with him prayerfully and if he refuses ask people he listens to, to speak on your behalf . God will perfect all that concerns you in Jesus name. It is well sis, take comfort in the word of God and surround yourself with positive people and thoughts. Stay positive!


@ThefruitfulWife winks winks winks. Clomid or not na God sure pass, as am believing with faith. Thanks love and so shall it be for us all. Amen


@aydiva thanks for checking, God is still in his business of moulding our wombs for testimonies to come. @ThefruitfulWife y will u say kisses to our princess from only u to her, :angry: biko it’s from all of us to her ooo lol, meanwhile mummy princess u still never share ur success story/ journey with us we r itching.


I never knew he will honor me this way x 3, this shall soon be your testimony very soon dear @IamAwinner
Ezekiel 37: 1-14. My message is this: God will settle you in your own land in Jesus name.