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Hello fruitful mamas, I’m a new Ttc mama. I’m 35yrs from Lagos. I came across ds forum online. Planning to conceive though dh not in Nigeria. I have irregular period even sometimes absent period without getting pregnant. I have done and treated hormonal imbalance but still menstrual misbehaving. My scan result shows my uterus and everything normal and free. I’m on evergreen formular now just to take care of myself before my dh comes back. Pls any advice from Mama’s in the house and I also need a good gynae in Lagos. Thanks. My scan also shows fibroid seedling.
Thanks in advance.


Dear @loly2007 it’s great to have you here. I pray the odds work in your favor when hubby is around. I can share a gynae contact with you, where are you based?


@ ThefruitfulWife, thanks so much for the respond. I live in lagos precisely ikorodu


You welcome dear. I just sent you a private message


Thanks. I have replied the mail


Hello everyone. My name is Jennifer but my username is Mama_Ejima cause I am believing God for Twins😊


God will bless you with your heart desires IJN. We welcome you to motherhood. I hope you are taking your prenatal vitamins. Please share with us if you have any challenge. Baby dust


ThefruitfulWife Yeah I am taking Folic acid alone for now. Is there any other vitamins I should take


That is fine dear, please include fruits and vegetables in your meal too. It’s very helpful


Hello all,
It’s wonderful to see meet you!

I was TTC over 10 years ago and I had so many different tests and interventions. We were successful and I have 10 year old twins now.

My experience in life and in trying to conceive led me to my career working with people. I am a Life Coach and a Counsellor and on my way to certification as a Psychotherapist. I currently provide support to clients trying to conceive, trying to get back into work or feeling generally stuck in life.

I live in the UK and my clients live in various parts of the world so half of my therapy is conducted by phone, online chat and by Skype (if they aren’t too shy).

This is a great forum. It’s always good to have support - especially from people who know what you are going through.

See you on the forums!



I actually went to see d doctor for the first time about my being pregnant issue he ask me to go for hsg I just want to if am safe or he should make some effort b4 going for the test


Welcome on board @Omolade, HSG is an investigation to check the tubes. I would hope he is still going to ask you to run some hormonal tests and pelvic scan. These are usually the first assessment tests to be done before HSG. He actually can’t prescribe anything until he has results from at least an hormonal profile or pelvic scan. I hope this helps. Baby dust darling


Hi am mummy grace, have one child trying for another believing God for twins this time around. Live in Benin city and have been married for five years now


Welcome on board @egbonayobamiesther, according to your heart desires God will bless your womb. How long have u been trying?


Hello Everyone,

My name is gold and I’m new here.
Had 3 miscarriages in the past because of my negative rhesus factor. Took Rhogam shot after the last miscarriage which was 8 months ago and I have been trying to get pregnant since then but nothing yet…
I pray the Lord answer our prayers.

I’m here to learn and make friends


Welcome on board @Goldenwealth, I am also Rh-ve and I trust we shall carry our babies very soon.




Welcome to all our new mothers in the house. We shall be celebrated IJN. Amen




Hello Everyone, My name is Mary, i live and work in Lagos, i have been married for 3 years and ttc,i have had irregular menses since i can remember, i was told i had hormonal inbalance, wanted it corrected then but was told after marriage, now am married,am seeing a gynae now and carrying out hormonal profiling, follicles tracking and HSG …and I am believing God for my prayers to be answered, I have been reading and learning, plus I haven’t been able to put my phone down since God led me here,I too will testify in Jesus mighty name.