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welcome on board


Amen Mary, God never fails and this year you too shall testify. It’s great u’ve started seeing a gynae and running some tests already. Maca root powder and ginger drink was helpful for me, u may want to try it too. Baby dust darling


Hi everyone I’m koksy and new thanks everyone for having me here


You are very welcome dear @Koksy, the gynaecologist will be live any moment from now. Please join and ask your questions by clicking on the thread below:


Good day, my name is Grace I’m based in Lagos and I’ve been trying to conceive for 2years now.


The gynae is live here on the thread below sis:


Hello Everyone, My name is Zainab, I am currently TTC. I have pcos and I use furocyst. My cycle is so so messed up as it’s one day on and one day off. I don’t know whether it’s period or spotting. It’s such a horrible experience I don’t wish for my enemy. I am looking forward to learn from people who have or have had similar experience like me.


Welcome dear, I completely understand you and infact we are in the same shoes now and we are not alone. Mine has been since August last year no period at all, some month it comes some others it’s not coming. It’s frustrating and did some tests and dr said its depletion of ovarian reserve . But now taking some supplements to boost it. God will favor us soon bcos i no we are not barren in Jesus name.


Just joined this prestige group yesterday. Trusting God for the fruits of the womb and I believe with God all things are possible.My name is Dupsy am from Ondo State…May God grant us all our heart desires…Amen


Amen, welcome dupsy to motherhood. Have u seen a gynae yet? We will be happy to read and share with you on this journey of GTC - going to conceive. Please feel free to ask any question


Hello Fruitful mothers, am over whelmed to be among us all, my name is Gloria Amako but am called lolo, i have ttc for 5 years and still believe God will soon bring forth. i hope i learn a lot from this humble forum and also impact others to the best of my knowledge, am a Nigeria.


We welcome you on board Lolo, I pray for divine visitation upon your marriage and all that concerns you. Pls share and comment as you read along. You are with family and May he guide our thoughts and decisions in our GTC (going to conceive) journey. Amen, baby dust :hugs:


Hello Everyone. I am Honey. Been ttc for 3 years now. DH has Oligospermia so we have tried IVF once and it failed; though we have been on several medications and tests. My period is very regular and it lasts 4-5 days monthly but last month, it lasted only two days (30th April & 1st May). Been having normal and severe cramps since then. Do you think I might be pregnant? RIght now, I am loosing touch with body symptoms because over the years, there has been months i had nausea, backaches, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, fatigue, etc and results come negative. The only different thing this time is a short period. What do you think?


My name is Ogu Uzoma,
I reside in Kaduna,
I wish by the mercy of God to carry my kids in my hands within a shortest time.

Thank you


Hello everyone, my name is Omoye and I am from Edo State but resident in Lagos. I stumbled on this community during a search on Google. I have been married for seven months and hope to learn and get information on my great mission of having babies. I also looking forward to making new friends on this great journey. I am excited to be here and pray the good Lord perfects all that concerns us all,amen.


Hello Honey, have you taken a PT and what was the result? A short period could be implantation bleeding but it will be light bleeding during the two days. I pray your PT is positive. Good luck.


I took a PT today but it was a BFN. But AF isnt due yet till Monday 28th or Tuesday 29th so i hope i miss the period. Thank you!


I hope so too🙏.


@Honey God will bless your heart desires as you have wished IJN. PT may be negative today but God owns 2mrw and he will favor us IJN, amen


Aww, welcome dear @Omoye, as u wish may God bless your heart desires. Amen