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Thanks Sis :hugs:.


Amen Sis. Thank you.
So period came and lasted one and half day this time…last month was two days and its usually 4-5 days normally and very regular. I am confused ooo…@omoye @anonymous37


Maybe you should carry out a blood PT and a scan too. I read about a person who didnt know she was pregnant until 27 weeks and pregnancy was discovered via scan. Anyways, I get the period is winding down for conception. Best of luck dear​:heart_eyes::heart:



Hi moms and moms to be
I am new to this platform
I’ve been ttcing for the past 18months
I believe God brought me to this platform for a purpose. I pray God answers all our prayers and make us mothers to our own children in Jesus name. Amen


Amen, welcome on board sis @Chidinma88. Is there any tests you’ve done at all?


Yes. I’ve done hormonal profile, follicumatry, abdominopelvic scan etc


Oh great! Any challenge with any of them? I trust you are also on a prenatal supplement.


Yes but is there anyone you think will be of more benefit that I should buy


I like the Maca root powder. There’s also this supplement Cellgevity but it’s expensive, you can read more information about it here and how to reach someone who sells it.


Ok thanks alot I will read it up


Hi am new here just heard about the group today and decided to join. Am nina 24years old. Lost a child to still birth at 32weeks on 24th March. Although I resumed normal cycle may 12 precisely but my cycle is now 35 days. Didn’t have issues conceiving at first but this one seems difficult. Scan shows my ovaries are normal size and shape. Am here cos I kind of feel little bit helpless. Thanks


Dear Nina, I’m really sorry about your loss and I pray for strength and grace to conceive and carry through. it’s normal to feel the way you do now especially with the now longer cycle.
But as long as scan shows all is well, then allow God do it again for you.
Was your doctor able to identify what made you have a stillbirth? It’s best to work with this information to guide against what happened.
Pls holla at me in the inbox if you need any information that can help you. Baby dust darl


Yes i did blood and urine test and every thing was fine. The baby was weighing 2.9 as at the time I gave birth to her. They just say it was unexplained. Am currently not on any medication the doctor said am ok am just hoping to get pregnant soon so that I might be able to least move on.


Hi everyone, my name is Ify. Happy to find this group… Sorry for long post, please bear with me…

I am a mother of two girls. Have been trying again for the last 6 years. Being a human, I had wanted a boy in the midst. But since it refused to click, I just relaxed thanking God for my two princesses. But my DH has been inconsistent, if you discuss today, he would say he is fine with the two girls, next discussion he would say he would have loved to add a boy. Funny enough his father has been a torn on my flesh and asks if I had gotten a boy in every conversation I have with him.

Though his inconsistence and his father’s ignorant do not worry me much, but as a human sometimes it torches me a bit. So I decided to check what is delaying another conception, went through many tests checked for blocked tube, etc, my gyner said I am completely 100% and can conceive anytime. I have a God sent gyner, who understands the pressure and pain, who believes in Gods’ hand works.

He then suggested DH under go some test as well, only to find out developed male infertility. That we have option of only IVF (where the sperm must be treated before procedures). To my greatest surprise, HD did not buy this idea at all, claiming that nothing is wrong with him (having had two kids), he refused some prescribed medications (did I mention that he is also a medical professional, under public health). I ignored them and faced my studies, also I did not want to put him into emotional stress (though him and his father don’t feel same for me).

Later I came to understand that DH’s disapproval of IVF is the cost factor. Being just a student (but under scholarships), I started saving towards IVF.

I have been researching over the success rate of IVF and found that the failure rate is so alarming. South African fertility centres are so ethical (full of regulations), they warn you without sympathy that first or second trial is not a guarantee, also they are so skeptical about sex selection, you don’t even mention that to them (we reside in South Africa).

I then resulted in searching towards Nigeria fertility clinics, there and then I came across this group. I have read your testimonies, I am so happy for you all, our God is so great. I must confess that I felt so much relived as I read your posts…

Please my fellow mummies (I used mummies because I believe even those ttc will soon breast feed their babies), I need recommendations on the best and affordable IVF centres in Nigeria. Someone recommended Kingswill Specialist Hospital Lagos, another, Save a life Mission Hospital Port Harcourt. Has any of you tried these hospitals, and how are they?

Baby dust on us all. I salute you all


@Nina wow! that was big enough to survive. Just so you know I understand what you went through, I had mine about the same time and not weighing as much as yours because my water broke. Mine was in the US and thankfully he survived because of the improved health facilities.
Also, my pregnancy was very smooth with no issue at all. In fact, my gynae couldn’t point to the cause of my water breaking. But I noticed when it broke which was my saving grace.
A friend of mine too almost lost her baby too, she didn’t realize she had lost her water too.
So every little observation matters, no matter how insignificant it is .
God will perfect all dear in a due season, He makes everything beautiful in his time :kissing_heart:


Hie guys, my name is Fadzi, im from zimbabwe. im 27 years old and have been ttc for 2 years now. It is my hope i become a mom soon, its my greatest wish. Im hoping that mixing and mingling with other women/couples TTC will bring me much needed hope. I feel like its very hard to do this with just your DH and sometimes they dont feel the emotional drain it takes on u when u are continously trying like a woman with the same hope as u feels. I pray for a miracle… :smile:


Welcome on board @Faffy, @Faffy, it’s gonna happen vey soon. God’s speed in conceiving and please be positive God is on the throne.
Trust me, it is very hard and if hubby is not understanding, that worsens the case. God bless our DH for their patience and love. We need to make ourselves happy and joyful, meet up and share ideas and support one another, life is very short.


@ThankfulHeart, God will perfect all for you sooner than you expected. Amen.
I can recommend The Georges Memorial, I was planning for my IVF with them when I discovered I was pregnant after hysteroscopy.

They always want to cross out all factors that might hinder conception and fertilization as much as they can. Infact, they will tell you they plan and work towards you conceiving during the first cycle. As per the cost, diagnostic tests and age determines the cost. But since you said your tests are 100% clear, then you are good to go. You can inbox me if you need more info. Baby dusts


Thank you so much my sister for this response. Will get back to you.


Hello house, my name is Anthonia and am new to TTC. Good to be on this group.