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Welcome sis @Anthonia God bless our efforts and answer us speedily.amen


Hello all,
My name is Irene and I’m new here and TTC. I have been scheduled to see a gynae at R-JOLAD hospital in Gbagada.Has anyone used this hospital? I would also like to know what to expect on my first gynaecologist visit.


Hello @uwa Irene, it’s great to have you here…welcome on board.
R-Jolad is in my area too and I only use them for general medicine (malaria, fever etc).
anyways, I’m assuming you will be seeing a consultant gynecologist. You should expect to do the following tests:
Urine test - Test for infection
Pelvic scan - To detect infection and blocked tubes and to check other reproductive organs
Hormonal profile - To detect if your hormones are regulated or fluctuating.
Your gynae will ask you questions on how frequent your period is, if you are able to know when you ovulate?, also if you lactate (water coming out of breast - High prolactin), he will also want to know if you are ovulating or not. These are the diagnostic tests you should be expecting . I hope this helps


Thanks alot .you have been helpful.


Hi everyone,
My name Sherry Aliyu, am in my early 30s. Been married for almost 3years. I have had 2 miscarriages. Last months period was a 35 days circle instead of the usual 30 days, It came with severe waist pain so I went to my gynecologist and I was given some drugs. . .pls, I need help.


@Sherry I sympathize with you on the miscarriages you’ve had. Just wanted to know if your doctor was able to diagnose the cause of the miscarriages. Also, what drug did your gynea give to you and what is it’s purpose?