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Welcome sis @Anthonia God bless our efforts and answer us speedily.amen


Hello all,
My name is Irene and I’m new here and TTC. I have been scheduled to see a gynae at R-JOLAD hospital in Gbagada.Has anyone used this hospital? I would also like to know what to expect on my first gynaecologist visit.


Hello @uwa Irene, it’s great to have you here…welcome on board.
R-Jolad is in my area too and I only use them for general medicine (malaria, fever etc).
anyways, I’m assuming you will be seeing a consultant gynecologist. You should expect to do the following tests:
Urine test - Test for infection
Pelvic scan - To detect infection and blocked tubes and to check other reproductive organs
Hormonal profile - To detect if your hormones are regulated or fluctuating.
Your gynae will ask you questions on how frequent your period is, if you are able to know when you ovulate?, also if you lactate (water coming out of breast - High prolactin), he will also want to know if you are ovulating or not. These are the diagnostic tests you should be expecting . I hope this helps


Thanks alot .you have been helpful.


Hi everyone,
My name Sherry Aliyu, am in my early 30s. Been married for almost 3years. I have had 2 miscarriages. Last months period was a 35 days circle instead of the usual 30 days, It came with severe waist pain so I went to my gynecologist and I was given some drugs. . .pls, I need help.


@Sherry I sympathize with you on the miscarriages you’ve had. Just wanted to know if your doctor was able to diagnose the cause of the miscarriages. Also, what drug did your gynea give to you and what is it’s purpose?


My name is kween I got married last year, am trying to conceive am Lagos based it nice been here, i pray we get out bfp soon by God grace amen


Amen, God will perfect all IJN. Have you tried to see a gynae to do an assessment? That will be the next step you should consider.


I’m thinking of removing my fibroid too but I’m scared. What of if it comes back before I conceive?


Am Adebisi and am a new member here also TTC. I reside in Lagos. I plan to learn more about myself from this platform.


Hi everyone,

So good to come across this forum and look forward to sharing info and learning.

My name is Valerie and I am Nigerian.

Newly married and ttc.

I would love learn from different women, meet people, share ideas especially this trying time of ttc… Can be difficult😀


Let’s be positive and optimistic sisters. The power of positive thinking! You can start taking supplements and or other natural herbs that helps to prepare your body for conception.
I’ve found these links to be useful:

I hope these help.


Thank you.


Hello everyone I am Asari I live in Calabar, I am realy glad to be here I av always looked for a forum like this to belong to! I av a daughter who is a year old 5months which I concieved after 3 miscarrages, with fibroids and pcos! I was married at 30 yrs old in 2013 and I suffered miscarriges until 2016 when My doc placed me on progesterone to sustain pregnancy cos of pcos! Today I av a rainbow baby, and I want to try for another one! I am realy happy to be here cos I know I ll learn a lot from your experiences!! I am very optimistic that We will all acieve our aims of procreation sooner than we think! Shalom


Hi everyone. My name is Merit have been married for 6months. I’ve been TTC for the past 5months now. Am glad I found this wonderful forum cos I know that my TTC is over having identified myself with this house. I pray God blesses all the TTC mamas before the end of 2018 with their long awaited desires of carrying and nurturing our own children in our womb.


Thanks for sharing Asari, I’m hoping many sisters here will learn from you too. May all our heart desires be answered speedily. Amen


Welcome Merit @ogeoma, delay is not denial. Our faith is that God will answer us all speedily without delay andwe shall celebrate and dance for joy. amen
I always advice taking of fruits, water, reducing sugary stuff and live healthy, it helps in its little ways.


Thanks a lot sis.


Amen!! Thanks plenty sis


Hello,my name is Carol,I am from abuja…I have recently been diagnosed with frozen pelvis endometriosis , my Dr said conception will be extremely difficult even with IVF …I came across this group while seeking for help from Google… I am looking for hope and if I can find someone that has passed this road or is currently passing to help me through.