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Good evening ladies, I’m a bit confused and need some clarification…My period started on Tuesday afternoon with mild bleeding or spotting…No real flow came till Wednesday morning…Question is??? Do I count Tuesday as my day one? Or day one is the day the actual flow starts Which is Wednesday?


Good morng @Uwa, I will go with wednesday sis.


Dear @CJ29 I want you to convince yourself that only God has the final say. Doctors speculate based on what they see. I have seen a woman with no womb give birth because God is still in the business of doing the impossible. At this point only God can do it and I want you to focus all your attention on God, believe, have faith and trust in Him. Pray your way into your breakthrough sis. I can’t say it will be easy but when you know God is your last hope, you gat to give it your all and it will surely happen, No Doubt about that.
I sent you a private message, please reply God NEVER FAILS.


Welcome on board @MzVee @Beeceepretty07 to fruitfulness. Please feel free to ask any question, contribute and share as you read along. and if there’s any information you need from any member, be free to send a personal message. I hope you get to learn about yourselves, infertility and be motivated to work towards reaching your goal of getting pregnant. Also remember that prayers and your effort yields the awaited result, it works. Baby dusts dearies!


@Uwaosayemi_Ogochukwu U are welcome to the group. Tuesday is the number 1 day of your period. Thanks.


Hi everyone,

My name is Ada. I joined last month and i havent introduced myself. I am so happy i joined this platform as it allows me be myself, write a post or my thoughts and learn from other mothers. I am 10 months in marriage, 2 months after my wedding i had torsion of the fibroid (multiple fibroid)… had a miscarriage earlier before my wedding too… i never took this fibroid thing serious cause i discovered d fibroid was there as at 2015 (if only i knew, i should have improved my eating habits and take lots of water, i dont take much water back then)… fibroid was removed and since then, i have been ttc. Also, august, i found out both my tubes were blocked (which was cleared/opened with hydrotubation) cause the dr who did d myomectomy didnt check the tubes. I am praying to God to bless me with the fruits of the womb… my hubby is very positive (i am also n somehow scared) as he says he knows i will conceive but am just sad about this whole thing(after our wedding, no honeymoon, no rest… just hospital… hospital). I pray God blesses me before my anniversary next month. Amen


Hello please did you conceive afterwards… cause i did hydrotubation September and no show october


@Persistence no show too, u are lucky ur tubes opened but mine just one blocked and remains so. I know God will open my womb and I will conceive, no argument. It can only take a time but will surely happen. Amen


It sure will by God’s grace cause we are going to conceive soon. Amen