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Good evening ladies, I’m a bit confused and need some clarification…My period started on Tuesday afternoon with mild bleeding or spotting…No real flow came till Wednesday morning…Question is??? Do I count Tuesday as my day one? Or day one is the day the actual flow starts Which is Wednesday?


Good morng @Uwa, I will go with wednesday sis.


Dear @CJ29 I want you to convince yourself that only God has the final say. Doctors speculate based on what they see. I have seen a woman with no womb give birth because God is still in the business of doing the impossible. At this point only God can do it and I want you to focus all your attention on God, believe, have faith and trust in Him. Pray your way into your breakthrough sis. I can’t say it will be easy but when you know God is your last hope, you gat to give it your all and it will surely happen, No Doubt about that.
I sent you a private message, please reply God NEVER FAILS.


Welcome on board @MzVee @Beeceepretty07 to fruitfulness. Please feel free to ask any question, contribute and share as you read along. and if there’s any information you need from any member, be free to send a personal message. I hope you get to learn about yourselves, infertility and be motivated to work towards reaching your goal of getting pregnant. Also remember that prayers and your effort yields the awaited result, it works. Baby dusts dearies!


@Uwaosayemi_Ogochukwu U are welcome to the group. Tuesday is the number 1 day of your period. Thanks.


Hi everyone,

My name is Ada. I joined last month and i havent introduced myself. I am so happy i joined this platform as it allows me be myself, write a post or my thoughts and learn from other mothers. I am 10 months in marriage, 2 months after my wedding i had torsion of the fibroid (multiple fibroid)… had a miscarriage earlier before my wedding too… i never took this fibroid thing serious cause i discovered d fibroid was there as at 2015 (if only i knew, i should have improved my eating habits and take lots of water, i dont take much water back then)… fibroid was removed and since then, i have been ttc. Also, august, i found out both my tubes were blocked (which was cleared/opened with hydrotubation) cause the dr who did d myomectomy didnt check the tubes. I am praying to God to bless me with the fruits of the womb… my hubby is very positive (i am also n somehow scared) as he says he knows i will conceive but am just sad about this whole thing(after our wedding, no honeymoon, no rest… just hospital… hospital). I pray God blesses me before my anniversary next month. Amen


Hello please did you conceive afterwards… cause i did hydrotubation September and no show october


@Persistence no show too, u are lucky ur tubes opened but mine just one blocked and remains so. I know God will open my womb and I will conceive, no argument. It can only take a time but will surely happen. Amen


It sure will by God’s grace cause we are going to conceive soon. Amen


Hello ladies,

My name is Dorcas, am new here. I have been trying to conceive for more than a year now… I have been pregnant before sometimes last year but lost it at a very early stage… I have undergone Series of test ranging from hormonal assy, follicle examination, cycle tracking…e.t.c, the last one I did was hsg which came out fine but because the dye did not come out fast after the procedure, the sonographer suggested pelvic adhesion… just a suggestion… so, I learnt people have taken in immediately after hsg procedure, am very hopeful.

Then, mummies please what can cause a pt blood test to show weakly positive(false positive) when one is not pregnant… but urine always shows negative?.. this has been happening for almost a year now anytime I go for blood work but ultrasound always shoe nothing even no retained tissue of any sort… complained to my doctor. He has carefully examined me to see if I have any form of retained tissue in my uterus… but none… so he said I shouldn’t worry about it since my urine test shows no trace of hcg.

Can’t wait to testify… am really hoping on God. Am also glad to be part of this forum.


@Omomeje Dorcas, welcome to fruitfulness, the weak positive could be due to any factor and it’s great your gynae has explored various tests and all look good. Your testimony will definitely manifest this new year. God shall give you double for your troubles and bless your heart desires and affliction shall not rise again. Amen


@Omomeje welcome to fruitfulness. One thing you should be rest assured is that you will definitely be blessed double times the struggles. In my cause of ttc I found out that the woman body is so complex, sometimes the doctors are confused and even diagnose wrongly, about the dye not coming out freely, could be anything from tubal issues, or adhesion, but I would also advice you seek a second opinion, though hsg can’t be done frequently, as for the positive test when not pregnant, could be anything, but definitely not something to ignore, as it’s pointing at hormones not being so good, which is what most of us face, but in the main time, keep those reports aside and take charge of your fertility, pray tirelessly, take maca root, folic acid, lots of green veggies, drink a lot of water, enjoy your love making with hubby, worry less, and in a snap babies will come. Just believe OK darling, he’s the Chief of all doctors, he’s got your back.


@Jay , thank you. So much for your response, I was really looking forward to a reply, I appreciate @ThefruitfulWife thanks for your prayers and comments , they are very reassuring . So happy to be part of this group… so, I have been having pms symptoms like its coming but has not shown .I am 11days late now, I tried the hpt and it came out as strong positive 5 times, so, this time I think I am prego went for an early scan and they saw nothing there just a cyst and a thickened endometrium. The sonographer said the cyst is a functional corpous luteum cyst as its always a sign of pregnancy but calculating from my lmp, he should have seen a gestational sac already … He requested I come back after two weeks to check again which is today… praying to God and keeping my fingers crossed.


@Omomeje please how was the second scan? I’m praying it’s the good news we have been waiting to hear . Please share with us we are very anxious.


sorry for the late response, since I got back from my appointment i have been filled wit Joy… so, The second scan looked good, there was a gestation sac and a yolk sac no yolk sac , the scan read 5 weeks 1 day but no heartbeat yet. to repeat scan in two weeks. am so happy there is progress.

My Ttc Journey period has been the most stressful time of my entire life( I ll share later what worked for me to get my bfp), This is a huge relief!.. praying and keeping my fingers crossed to carry full term…


Hallelujahhh!! Wowwwww!!! This is very exciting and a great way to start the year. I am super excited for you dearest. Your joy shall be full and you shall carry to term without stress in Jesus name. Amen. :dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer:


Awwww, this has brighten up my day. God is faithful. Thank you Jesus. God will remember the rest of us as he remembered you. This is the best new year gift :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: , please we are waiting for you to share what you did to get this BFP. Pls help a sister oo




Hi everyone… My name is Lilian Delta State. Married for 5months now and i am TTC


Welcome @MrsBani, on board, God will make the journey short and quick. Please start on ur folic acid and fruits,very good too. Pls feel free to ask us any questions. :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: