New Members, Introduce Yourself Here


We welcome you sis @MrsBani, please let your mind be at rest. Enjoy your hubby and be calm, it will happen before you know it. If there are any concerns already, please see your gynae.


Hi everyone, my name is Bee and im a new member ttc


My name is @gidiwifey and im happy to be here i pray my stay here is short and fruitful. Please ive been married since october and tested positive in january and febuary but negative afterwards. I really want to take in this month as my ovulation just passed and i did the needful. My husband has been sleeping like he’s pregnant and people are saying that its happening because ive taken in. How true is this?who else has experienced this?sorry for the long reply.


I have been experiencing the samd thing sis…in january and febuary but i pray this april God would bless me with a child


@Ebby and @Bee welcome sisters, I pRay with you that the wait shall be very short and brief by God’s grace. Never lose hope that God can do the miracle any seconds. Pls make sure u meet hubby as often as u can and let God do his work. Also, live healthy and if in doubt about anything fertility, pls share we are always here to help.


@Ebby Gidiwifey , don’t lose hope, the best is coming your way soon. A glorious baby that u will carry to term in Jesus name. @ husband sleeping :joy: I don’t know if that means what you think, but NEVER lose up. Baby dusts hun


Welcome @Bee, you are GTC (going to conceive) and carry your own baby. Pls feel free to share any concerns with us. We care


@Ebby the Gidiwifey, we welcome you sis, from your mouth to God’s ears. Your stay shall be short on the ttc journey with bountiful testimony. When we want something desperately, every sign/observation looks real and true. May all your effort yield a positive fruit and for hubby sleeping, that thing may be fable joor. Lol, but let’s allow God to take charge. It is done, Amen


Amen ma… I shall testify next month




Good afternoon blessed mummies in the house, I’m new here and I hope to testify here too


Good afternoon mummies. I am new here and I believe I am going to conceive soon. I need the gynecologist contact please


Good morning sis, my sincere apologies. I was indisposed so couldn’t get to respond to you earlier.
I welcome you on this platform and I am confident God will answer your prayers speedily. Amen.
I have sent you a personal message with his contact details. Speedy manifestations in Jesus name. Amen.


Hello everyone, just want to share that God has done it for me.


WOW! congratulations sister, may this always be our testimony. Amen