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Yes my darling @Jay, did 3 cycles of it na AF with a vengeance sef :joy::joy::joy:. I can now laugh over it but it works for a friend of mine in just one cycle oo :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Look atew , I am jejely and faithfully blowing my point of contact kisses in my corner. But I’m blowing for every1 infact multiples as I desire ::child::child: we shall testify before this year ends in Jesus name.

@aydiva you are so sweet checking up on us, thank you.
I hope everyone is enjoying their day. I’m here thinking of me doing some naughty things with DH in this weather. This weather na BFP catalyst, let’s all tap into it. :running_woman:…sprinkling baby dust on everyone


@jay,am so sorry have been occupied with mum duities,will share my experience now on pregnancy and mother hood,so other mums too might be able to share from my experience,tho my experience might differ but at least to know some things about child bearing…no be small thing oo


@ThefruitfulWife Yimu for u, lol thanks sweetie for the info jare, this weather though nawa ooo, na today Naim Aunty visitor decide to show up, u ppl should enjoy on my behalf. But where’s everyone @Victoria @Mummynwa @MamaTwins @Leema @LadyS make sure ya utilise this weather. Baby dust to us all.


OK ma we waiting


hehehehehe, we waiting, we all aspiring :pregnant_woman:
@afolake @ChaCha @Victoria @Leema @simplymilk @Libertyinstinct @Drealmum @fortune @Aldo @fortune @HerCrown @Sum1beads @Rossy @Sass @Treasure @Precious @Xcel my loves, I no dey see una brake light oo hope y’all good? I care :joy::joy::joy::joy: Triplets fall on you


@ThefruitfulWife thanks for checking up. I am okay oooo… awaiting the triplets rain…lol:joy::joy:

How is everyone else? @aydiva @Jay @Victoria @Leema @ChaCha @Drealmum @Treasure @HerCrown


Mamas in the house,i have dropped my story oooo,please read
@IamAwinner @Becky @ChaCha @Victoria @simplymilk @Abby @Leema @anonymous2 @anonymous3 @MamaTwins @Drealmum @Aldo @fortune @HerCrown @Jay @afolake @LadyS @Libertyinstinct @Sum1beads @Rossy @Tee_s @Mydear @Xcel @Yadeife @Sapphire @anonymous1 @anonymous4 @anonymous1,i also pray for all moms to be in the house that they will also share their experience soon,baby dust to all.


we dey here kampe,just occupied a little bit at work today,we are with you .abeg make i go read our mama our sisters labor story…am coming back.i so wish to share mine someday.


It is falling already hun, just tap into it with faith and do the work with oga at d top (na DH I mean o) :wink::joy:


As u have desired, God will bless and make it manifest. Biko work, we need the money to take care of the coming triplets :baby::baby::baby:


Yayyyy! :running_woman::running_woman::running_woman::running_woman::running_woman: lemme gaan read too.


Amen oh, tripplets loading…


Yes oooo I concur


Yeepeeee lemme guan read :grin::grin::grin: thanks mama for taking out time out of it busy breastfeeding n baby caring schedule @aydiva God bless


Thanks Ma naso oh my princess can suck for Africa…lol,you will carry your triplets soon ijn Amen


Ameeeennn ooooo


Good evening house and hows everyone doing today,i am in my late 20’s and planning to settle down before the year runs out,but my fiance insisted i should get pregnant before fixing a date,with the look of things i knew his famlies were behind this issue because i overhered that they must impregenate a woman before taking her as a wife,am so confused i dont know what to do because my dad insisted on a church wedding for blessings,also they dont join couples together if the wife is pregnant in my church,and i dont want to loose him this is my 5th serious relationship that wants to lead to marriage.please i need your advice on what to do.Thanks


Dear @anonymous6 welcome on board babes, this matter strong oo and I feel it’s a personal decision. If his condition for marriage is dependent on ur getting pregnant then you need to weigh ur options and go for what works best for you . But remember in every situation God always have an escape plan for us. One :heart:


Ewooo! How did I miss this ??? Of all days for AF to show face. Babes no worry, una go play return match :grin::grin:. Let’s thank God it came, what can’t break us can’t decide our fate. E fit be implantation bleeding oo like it happened with @aydiva. God is in charge hun :hugs::hugs:. This rain na triplet and twins rain ooo :raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2: I receive mine ooo this month