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My sister @Jay , no be only you, as the holiday just ended sister flow show face :tired_face::tired_face: persin is just missing all the action in this weather. @aydiva @ThefruitfulWife una thank you oo, work get plenty children today with traffic join. @afolake even if u know ask of me, I dey oo. Ur punishment for not mentioning me is quadruplets - 2 boys and 2girls. Thank me later :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. The rest I agree with @ThefruitfulWife on the twins and triplets and as we desire. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: sorry darling @Jay, AF is a show spoiler. No envy sis :stuck_out_tongue:, lemme gaan be prepping for tonight. After the hell of the traffic I went through today, I think I deserve it. Hope we all got home safe today and not too late sha. @afolake sweetie, I’m glad to read from you and everyone here. This September must yield our miracles . U know what peeps, this Saturday is my birthday :tada:, I’m a year wiser and younger :nerd_face: . Age is a thing of the mind jare. Baba God na BFP be the best bday gift I’m faithfully looking forward to. FYI I’m gonna be 18yrs :dancer:t4::dancer:t4::dancer:t4::dancer:t4:. Pls send my gifts oo


@anonymous6, ur such an amazing woman who deserves to be loved, pampered n happy, am sorry am not gonna paint it, but if u ask me I will tell u not to get preggy since God, ur dad n church will frown at it. So wait is he actually asking u marriage for love or kids? This sort of person will also request for a particular sex while having kids, is that what u wanna be going thru.? What about later if d kids all get married, what will u be leaving for, see babes pray for directions, don’t be too hasty, n who said time dey pass, it’s not about the year u got married, n have kids but about they years u stay happily married sweet. I pray God grant u wisdom.


Awwwww @LadyS u dey feel my pain baah, u ppl should do d baby dance on my behalf, once una get me too Don get, cos this twins n triplets r contagious lol. How u darling u see today’s sun at all


Hahahahaha biko I no mention ur name @MamaTwins, I need that same punishment lol, babe u dey feel my pain baah, over sabi aunty that shows up unannounced lol, but we love her like that still. Oya u all fire down tonight as d showers of blessings Don pour down. It’s a Sept to remember :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Yeeepeeee it’s our darling birthday in few days Happy Birthday pretty, just as u have mentioned so shall it be as ur gift. Traffic today tie wrapper woops, but we can’t complain cos it’s showers of blessings, Like I said y’all fire down, no messy, take charge, n expect bfp ijn. Oya ooo Awon 18yrs where’s d Parry @ HBD sweet


Yes oo, ameeeen. Hubby n I decided to have my bday with the special needs and abandoned children. I’m really excited and looking forward to it.


Hbd love, God will give you a new song this month. By this tym nxt year, it shall be wit ur babies in Jesus name, amen


Oh that’s really nice idea


I receive my triplets in Jesus name


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: if you know what God has planned for you ehn, you will say God pls it is enough. Your uterus will be begging to go on leave . You will start with triplet, then twins and then another twins if you so desire . In fact DH will be touching u from afar for fear of you saying “it’s happened again oo”


@anonymous6, straight from my heart. Don’t try it, so you are a baby making machine then. That na assistant husband. Don’t get tired. Keep moving to your promise land. Amen


Sister flow spoil show keh,eeya sorry Sis. @MamaTwins Ama do gymnastics tonight tire this weather is really for baby dance.


Amen ohhh I also claim it ijn.


Yaaay,i pray you will celebrate your next birthday with triplets ijn, enjoy your birthday Sis. Much love :kissing_heart:


Yes ooo@ThefruitfulWife where the parry at? Me am still sweet 16 oh, am not up to 18years


Yes oh, it might be implantation bleeding,we serve a miracle working God👏


Omg this is sooo adorable, well done dear, God definitely sees your heart, what a way to celebrate.


Chineeekeee dis woman only for me, Awwww thanks and so shall urs be ijn Amen.


Thanks so much sis,lool,abi oh