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Thanks sis.Amen


Good morning house and @ThefruitfulWife @Jay @LadyS @MamaTwins thanks so much for the response,i think i now know what to do, God bless you all and have a nice day ahead


@MamaTwins looooool… I receive your punishment wit faith. I am so sorry jare, How are you doing?


@Jay you want that punishment too abi?..You will have it


Amen and me too oo,I just sighted Angel Gabriel passing by and smiling and nodding at our comments. I’m here oo shouting and :raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman: so he can see all our comments


Ameeeeeeeen, God has answered according to our heart desires.


I dey my dear, I know u my fellow mommas will never get tired of me. One of my friends that we’ve been ttcing took in months ago, ever since she’s changed towards me and acts like I’m not being serz with the ttc thing oo. See accusation ehn? I will start a thread tonight on how some of our preggy frnds acted towards us when they got preggy or put to bed. You will be surprised. Me ayav had my share of it, na dem sabi.


Awww!dont worry dear, just have faith and believe you will carry your own soon,sometimes when people get what they want they change their attitude towards you. I don’t want you to feel bad because God is still working,just behave as if you never noticed the attitude,i believe yours will come soon.


My dear, don’t mind them Naso them dey do oh,they will be doing as if na dem dey pray pass, it’s her time our own time will come too.same thing happened to me too when a waiting friend of mine gave birth she changed completely anytime I call her she won’t pick up tho I understand she might be attending to her baby but 3days will pass she won’t call back, she won’t reply chats too,sometimes if I go visiting ehn the way she will react self as if am not existing,i bought her gifts she couldn’t even appreciate, her behavior was so bad dat I started thinking maybe God has forgotten me,i pray God picks up our call soon.we won’t stop calling till he hears.


@MamaTwins you too? Taught am D only one ooo going through this. Am currently experiencing one, before now we were gossip mates n all, now she’s about 6months gone n all I get from her is a cold reception. But it’s fine life itself is an express way, overtaking is allowed, na turn by turn, it will get to us all.


Do you all know I thought I was d only one oo, wonders sha never cease. I have 2 of them like that oo, we were as close as thieves, we were even using d same gynae and doing d journey togeda, procedure after procedure. Na turn by turn as you talk jare @Jay. God is on our case, We can’t be moved or bothered @MamaTwins


A friend ttcing just informed me like right now about this conference tmrw at 10am Or 12pm not sure. Parent in waiting organized by Ibidun Ighodalo. I know it’s late but if we can let’s try and make it a date. I will be der and registration can be done at d venue. See flier.
I can pick @victoria in Gbagada if u interested and anyone close by in that environs. @IamAwinner @Becky @ChaCha @Victoria @simplymilk @Abby @Leema @anonymous2 @anonymous3 @MamaTwins @Drealmum @Aldo @fortune @HerCrown @Jay @afolake @LadyS @Libertyinstinct @Sum1beads @Rossy @Tee_s @Mydear @Xcel @Yadeife


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: thanks for keeping watch for we all . Na overflow of baby dust on us all


@ThefruitfulWife you didn’t mention me​:cry::cry::cry: I want to attend,am interested


I’m sorry dear, not intentional. Pls do join us if u can :kissing_heart:


Sure I will join


Awwww sooo thoughtful of u dear… But I can’t make it already has some engagement tomorrow, u ppl should come back n teach us here. HBD girly :laughing::laughing: we love you like kilode, biko bring back our birthday cake ooo lol.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


At all ooo, we can’t be bothered , mtcheeww. @MamaTwins @ThefruitfulWife Remb God is still in d business of moulding our wombs for testimony.


Awwww thanks @ThefruitfulWife, wish I can go but I just got back from a vigil now and I might still be sleeping by that time :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: