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Ameennn oooo dancing shoki self




:hugs::hugs::hugs: pls rest hun, God is answering our prayers. I hope u prayed for us too :wink:


I understand jare, no wahala. Professor is coming to teach you. Y’all should have a great day :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:.

Ehn ehn cake too will be delivered to ur doorsteps, pls expect d courier by noon :grin::grin:


Happy Birthday to our dear mama @ThefruitfulWife,God bless and increase you on every sides, you shall be a blessing to your generation,your children shall surround your table, God will satisfy you with long life and good health ijn, Amen.


I love y’all too. Thanks for the wishes. Please cut from this cake. The courier guy is not picking his calls


Happy Birthday to our dear @ThefruitfulWife,God bless you on every sides,increase you in all ramifications and favor you, fruitfulness on every side is your portion ijn. Amen


Woow nice cake :kissing_heart: please send our own ohh


Good day mamas in the house, how is your weekend going @Victoria @Jennyty @ThefruitfulWife @Leema @LadyS @MamaTwins @mamapikin @Laposki @anonymous6 @afolake @Abbie @ChaCha, just checking on you all… We still waiting for @ThefruitfulWife for today’s lecture about the conference she went for,we can’t wait abi mamas?


My weekend is going on fine… Decided to visit the salon to make my hair done👸at least to look good for DH… @ThefruitfulWife,we still waiting for our cake and the lecture oh Biko.


Hello mama’s in the house,a friend of mine told me something and I want to share with you all, she said if I blend banana, 2eggs,milk and bicarbonate of soda together to make a smoothie and it should be taken early morning without eating immediately after my period that it works for infertility,i don’t know if anyone has heard of it before,or what do you think about the smoothie?




Erm erm good evening for house oo, I hope we all had a wonderful day. Ehn ehn, lemme start with my apology, I couldn’t go for the event :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:. As I was jejely prepping to go for the event at 12 after leaving the orphanage we planned to visit for my bday. I just mentioned to DH that I won’t be picking any momma up as planned earlier, I didn’t know he had planned to take me for a very nice breakfast on the island.

Na so we left the house, bought stuff to give the home and then he headed to a diff direction from where we were meant to go. I was like, e sir…have you forgotten where we going ni??? He was like ehn let’s sha be going. That’s how I found myself in one correct oyinbo restaurant like that and by the time we left and returned to the orphanage, time don waka. I just kukuma sleep as I was so full and sleepy. Story of my life :woman_shrugging:


Awwww nice, I waannnt


Woow, huh huh, am blushing from here, goshh 1000 gboza for DH, God will continually bless him. But aunty d cake nko, so no body went for the conference, n I was hoping to see a long post this evening… It’s all good, God sees our heart.


Hello mummy princess, am good ooo, had a really hectic day, but am back n good, how’s our baby, lots of love


Happy birthday @ThefruitfulWife


Thanks Hun,
I really felt bad missing the conference but the moment was unplanned and special. Many more to come our way.


Thanks love


Thanks @aydiva, I’m good oo. Had a quiet bday and overall day was fab! Trust all mamas are doing good too