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hello,good evening mums in the house am new here,Vivian by name

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You’re most welcome

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@jayla welcome momma Vivian, we hope you get to share with us very soon and feel free to read and ask any questions on the forum. Baby dust to you.

@Olori_Ishola thanks momma, We welcome you too and pray your silent prayers get a speedy response very very soon. Plenty of baby dust fall on you.

@jayla @Olori_Ishola we have new members :dancer: welcome sisters, your testimony shall be sooner than you expected. Abeg don’t be shy to ask any question, no matter how stupid it may sound, we are all learning. lol

Welcome @jayla and @Olori_Ishola.
This is a very friendly place, feel free to ask questions and contribute as well.

Thanks momma​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Gave birth to a prematue baby at August but lose the baby 2weeks after… that’s due to my medical history of been a thyroid patient … but have been experiencing vaginal dryness all this while, having menstrated twice but the ovulation signs are not there…
Want to know what’s wrong exactly

I’m really sorry for your loss and I can’t imagine what you are going through now. You can use OPK - ovulation prediction kit to know when you are ovulating and the dryness could be due to low oestrogen level. There are tablets to be inserted or other medications that solves this. Please speak to your doctor on the best option.

Thanks so much