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@MzVee response to what sis?


I had asked if anyone had gone for a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test to check blockage of the Fallopian tubes but could not do it because of failure to find the cervix.


Oh really? it’s a procedure that involves use of an X-ray. I have done HSG before and I didn’t have that challenge. If I may ask, are you based in Lagos? You might want to seek a second opinion.


I am outside Lagos. Yes I know the procedure. I was told I had a tilted cervix maybe because I had never given birth before according to the doctor/nurses but nothing to be scared about but I just was not able to do it as they could not find the cervix so scheduled for the next month.

I am on the UK.

Thank you for your response.


@MzVee Oh great! You will get even better services in the UK. BTW, one of my sisters was diagnosed with same cervix position and it’s wasn’t so earlier.
Anyways, you might find this link useful

Please holla if this helps :kissing_heart: