October mothers


DH and I tried again this month during my fertile days. I join hands with all TTC mothers to be we are receiving double for our struggle this month. Amen


Amen @Alexkachi




Amen ohhhhhh, this waiting looks as if is too long, jehova if you don’t do it for us who will do it for us all? Have mercy on us and bless our womb, oluwa please bless me this month, next month is my anniversary and hubby has been praying for anniversary gift as pregnancy , please over look our weakness and sins and just bless us, let us fill full the purpose you created us on earth. Oluwa remember me this month I have already written my edd date and the names of all my kids that I will give birth father do it for me.


Amen, God please show us your mercy and plead our cases. Let us celebrate with BFPs this month as we did with other mommas. Let this month of October be our month of remembrance for our miracle babies IJN. Amen












Amen n Amen




Amen, Lord have mercy on us all and let ur word find expression in our lives Amen




Gud morning fruitful mother’s in d hus, how are we all holding up? In Sha Allah our prayers nd wishes will be granted by God Almighty bcs he is always true to his words nd he never abandones his own. Miss Flo came dis month already but am hoping to come back here to shear gud news one day. Doh my husband said we should stop forcing it nd just enjoy our marriage since we are just 3months into it. Me i want kids Sha nd i believe Allah SWA will answer me soon but i also want to see a gynacologist nd do a pelvic exam just to be sure all is well down there. Congrat to d pregnant women here nd baby dust to us all. Me nd hubby just finish digging it Sha o so make i dey one side 1st.


Nothing is too hard for God to do only believe


Correct! It will happen, please don’t think about it. Take it off your mind and enjoy your marriage like hubby has said. When God answers ehn, even u will be confouded. Do the pelvic scan as u said and if ur hubby too can, he shlould do his SFA too. AF is just a reminder that we are fruitful mothers.


Yes oooo @MamaTwins


Amen IJN