On a lighter mood . My mum just sent me this


On the 10th day,meet your husband till the 18th day from the back.Gran PA Nwanga at Itu recommendation.

This woman won’t leave me alone with this sextuall position. Did I say I don’t know nii.

Come to think of it so grand pa was doing it from the back. I taught it was a new generation thing.

Told Holby he was just laughing and kept repetiting "do it from the back.


I’m laughing really hard here. Imagine so ur grannies sabi styles like this ?.?
Biko follow the recommendation :joy::joy::joy:. Baby dust to all


loool,very funny,your grand parents sabi wella oh. abeg follow deir style,sure you going to enjoy it.cheers


Omg! Please do the doggy dear :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Woow,asin Ehn, no be small matter oh, na back side sure pass dear, your grannies sabi wella abeg enjoy the ride lol.


Hahahahaha,my ribs want to break ooo. This grannies know waitin dey ooo. Abeg, obey the ride.


Hahahahahaha I love this grand PA. ‘do it from the back’