One Tuber after Ectopic


Whilst Sarah was recovering in hospital, she was handed her referral letter. She opened it and read it - the doctor that had performed the surgery said they thought she would have trouble falling pregnant again naturally.

However they had to remove her tube, which apparently has immensely reduced her chances - it brings it down about 25%. Here’s the cool thing - if you have to go down the path of losing a tube, your other tube starts working extra hard. It even picks up eggs from the other side without the tube! Amazing bodies!

But the news about her chances of getting pregnant was a stab to the heart! She lost all hope for a few months, was in a really dark place. She was referred to a fertility specialist and she and hubby started talking about ART . She couldn’t stomach having to go through that after everything they’d been through, it seemed so unfair. We decided to embrace life and go overseas for abit and just forget about the baby stuff for awhile…after a four or five months break, she became pregnant again!She had beaten the odds! and so can you…

There’s definite hope after ectopic a and if you start talking to people openly about it, you’ll discover that it’s much more common than you think.So it’s time to brace up and stop blaming yourself. Take your mind off it, have fun with your bed gymnastics and be happy! Baby dust to y"all.


My only sister had ectopic after several miscarriages and had one of tubes removed. Now she has 3 kids all from one tube. There is actually life after an ectopic, I wish anyone going thru this a quick BFP. Baby dust to all ttc mothers


Amen to ur prayers dear