Please help


Someone kindly help on how to prepare ginger and garlic tea, also does it aid fertility?

Please help a sister.



My dear, there’s no big deal about preparing the ginger drink. You just cut the ginger into pieces, you may or may not add garlic. Boil and allow to cool enough to drink. Shikena!
Some of us here have seen improvement after we started taking it. But remember our bodies are different and others may not see observable changes.
What I can also recommend is the Maca root powder, it’s very very good and aids conception. You can get it either in powder form or tablets. Just type Maca root powder , ginger drink on the search bar and you’ll find their threads.


@Queenteeade our mummy the fruitful wife has said it all, is not hard to prepare just follow what she wrote and you will be there. Since I started taking it I have seen some changes in my health, all the best.


Thank you for the info Ma @ThefruitfulWife


Hello mamas… goodmorning everyone. Please where can I get Maca root powder? Where is it mostly sold? Thank you


There’s a lady usually get mine from
+234 903 549 6303 That is her number. U might get from other places too if u searched online.
Please where is your location?


Am in Benin o


Oh ok. Try and check online, you might find someone that sells in your area.


For everyone in the waiting room the Lord said wipe your secret tears cos I have remembered you all, for your shame I will give you double, oluwa has done it for us, rejoice, sing praises unto the most high, stop asking cos he has already done it.


Happy Sunday mummies… ok sis I will thanks a lot.










Amen :pray: