Please what is your take on CS and Normal Delivery?



Hello mamas, please I think we need to enlighten ourselves about this. I lost one of my sisters due to this mentality of not having a CS done. What exactly is our priority??? Saving lives of mother and child right? Please sisters I want to read what you think


If I have my way, I will go for normal but if not then CS.


Good morning mamas, been a while. So sorry about your sister @ThefruitfulWife, as for me if doctor’s says it’s CS then wetin I dey wait for. People just need to disabuse their mind from thinking CS is for the weak. Enough of " how did u give birth , normal or CS"? that thing used to annoy me. As long as mother and child are fine. Shikena!


There is nothing wrong with CS nah, this is the jet age oo. We shldn’t risk our lives after all the waiting abeg.


Anyone that comes I take it in good faith, the most important thing is that baby alive and mother alive. Safety first, whatever your faith can carry is what you should go for.