Pray for me


Good evening sisters. I seriously need your prayers and support now. I have done all that am supposed to do, eg am eating plenty fruits, eggs,vitamins, folic acid etc in other to conceive. Pls pray that God of heaven will make it happen for me in this circle. I can not do it alone cos the BIBLE said where 2 or 3 are gathered in the name of Jesus that He is there also. Please remember me and other TTC mothers all over the world. Thank you and God bless you.


Dear sis, i will remember us in prayer. I know how it feels when you have tried all and lost. Sometimes my mind wants to deviate negatively but i remember his promises and i read my bible. God in heaven will surely grant us our heart desires before this year ends and we would come back to testify. The Lord said No Woman Shall Be Barren; he made Hannah concieve, Sarah etc… Our blessings shall come in multiple… we would laugh and cry tears of joy before this year ends cause we are all fruitful vines in our husband’s house in Jesus name Amen.

P.s i wish i could hug you physically but here * sending you loves and hugs*


Thanks alot @Persistence. I have full faith in God Almighty that we will surely carry our babies. Good luck to us


Amen :pray:


Our father and God, the one who rules above and God all by Himself. We thank you for @ogeoma and every sisters on this forum, please show us mercy, make us very fruitful. We leave everything to you Lord o perfect all that concerns us, we trust and believe that only you can do what no man can do. We are joining faith and decree overflow of fruitfulness in our midst. We are assured in our faith in you and therefore we come boldly to the throne of grace to obtain mercy in our time of needs. Lord Jesus please answer our heart desires, bless and open our wombs, change our song and give us a testimony that can not be hidden.
Please let not all our efforts be in vain, heal our lands, wipe our silent and open tears and just like you did for Hannah, visit us with our bundles of Joy in Jesus name.

Even when our heart turns weary due to this delay, please help us to be strong in you, strengthen our resolve and help us to be strong in the face of adversity, scorn, and societal influence. We are confident in you Lord, please let us celebrate before this year ends in Jesus name. Amen


Amen :pray: