Prayers for all TTC mothers

O God in ages past, please search our hearts and meet all our heart desires. We want to experience what it means to carry baby(ies), deliver and nurse them according to your will.
Our hearts are heavy, yet we are joyful in faith that your word concerning fruitfulness in our lives will not return to you void.

Father according to your word and the time of life, just as you have always answered us in this forum and some of us have testified of your faithfulness please wipe our tears, fill our hearts and bless our womb with our heart desires in Jesus name.

Strength to carry to term concerning those that have carried, faith to hold on for those in the waiting room and enablement to train and bring up in your precepts grant for those who have delivered please grant unto us in Jesus name. Grace for success unto those undergoing IUI, IVF and other procedures, please shower upon us in Jesus name. Amen

No matter what the doctors may say, we are holding on to your word which never fails. Change our stories and make our joy to be full in Jesus name.

Lord we are thanking you because we know it is done and we shall testify by this time next month in Jesus name. Amen.

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Exo 15:25 The Lord shall sweeten every bitter situation in your life and turnaround every unpleasant situation in your favour in Christ Jesus Mighty name. Amen.

For all the prayers you have said and the ones in your thoughts, I pray that God hear your prayers, amen.

Mercy speaks when hope is lost. I decree today that Mercy will speak for you, and open every doors shut against your greatness and breakthrough. People shall celebrate with you in Jesus Mighty Name. The battle will not overcome you because Jesus will fight it for you and victory is yours.

Heaven will be open for your sake. Every blessing from above will locate you. Whatever you say or do shall be seasoned with favor. I pray that God will specially attend to your situation and it shall be well with you and your family in Jesus mighty name. Amen

Ameeeeen, Thank you sis

The power that made Job to laugh at the end shall visit your life today. The Lord that made Sarah to laugh shall make you to laugh last. Hannah ended with great laughter, you shall end this year with great laughter. The power of God that made Jabez’s story to end in laughter shall make your story to end in laughter in Jesus Mighty name.

Please listen to this inspirational song and I hope it lifts your spirit and give you the confidence you need to continue to trust that God will NEVER fail or disappoint you on this matter. That’s why you should PRAISE GOD IN ADVANCE.

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Thanks Momma, this really speaks to my heart and my spirit. God bless us all.

Our heavenly Father will be merciful unto you in Jesus.
He will make your way successful,fruitful and prosperous in Jesus name
The four corners of the earth will release your blessings, heavenly angels will always be on guard to protect you and your family in Jesus name
His hand of mercy will be upon you and your family in Jesus Name.

Mercy will usher you to your table of upliftment and fruitfulness.
Favor will settle you. Your feet will not stumble. God will take you to places of honor. God will watch over your seed. He will water your seed. You will reap bountiful harvest. Your efforts will not be wasted. You will enjoy the labor of your hands.
The God of good news will announce you.On the wings of the God of breakthrough, you shall break forth. You will not waste away. Your waiting will end with reward. You will make it by His grace. Helpers of Destiny will locate & help you. Have a great weekend.

Today your sun will continue to shine, your Glory will be revealed and your Blessings will manifest and your testimony will be seen by all from this day and forever more in Jesus Name. Every good thing that you are celebrating as a gift from God will not be taken away from you. The Lord will permanently attach an Angel of perfection beside you to ensure full Joy for you and fulfillment of His blessings and promises. The Almighty God shall lead you to where your Blessings are located and cause you to break forth into singing. Today, may His healing Love open up any closed doors to you in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen

The testimony of Jabez shut down the sorrow of his mother. The testimony of Elijah shut down the altar of Baal & the testimony of Paul shut down evil devices against him. Today, I pray God will grant you testimonies that will shut down all your enemies in Jesus name. God will set His table of provisions, promotion and preservation before you. Opportunities for surpluses & bonuses will locate you. What others are seeking abroad will locate you from above. Evil decisions about you will be reversed. Powers changing success to failure will not succeed with you in Jesus’ name, Amen

The voice of God will stand for you today and speak for you always. All the noises around you will be silenced. You will surely be blessed by the power of the Almighty God. The Lord will help you, He will keep you, He will uphold you, He will sustain you, He will protect you, He will defend you, He will exalt you, and He will cause you to be radiant and make you very fruitful. His hand will be around you and your entire household for good. Enemy will not slow down your manifestation. You will not miss God’s best for you. He shall wipe away your tears and give you joy and testimony round about you. Before this year ends, the Lord shall visit you and bless your womb with glorious children. Keep strong and never lose faith in God.


Welcome to the TTC community @Imauryn and congratulations on your first post. Feel free to look around and ask questions.

Amen :pray:

That’s all blessing

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Hehehehe, it’s been a long long while momma @pearl, how’s everything nah? Will love to read from you :hugs::hugs:

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Beloved sister, am fine ooo. It’s really been a long while. How are you doing? Missed my lovely family here ooo.

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I’m doing so great , thanking God for his mercies daily. We missed you an glad to read from you again. :kissing_heart:

Amen in Jesus name

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