Prayers for all TTC mothers


Sisters please drop your own prayers too, there is power in the tongue. Decree and say a word of prayer into our lives.


Father Lord it is another day again we have set aside to commune with you. We thank you for the gift of life and good health for us and our families. We ask your forgiveness Father Lord for anything we have done that is responsible for our delays, father forgive and wash us clean. Today Lord we are praying for God’s speed in every area of our life. Delay is not our portion Lord. May your grace and favour surround every area of our life so that we will have cause to come before your presence and testify. This and so much more we ask for in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.


Amen IJN


Everlasting king and the all sufficient God, to you we bow and plead for your mercy and grace. That we may find favor in thy sight to receive divine speed in our marriages and lives. That we may have sufficient grace to achieve that which takes years to accomplish. O lord please help us to retain lost ground , help us lord to defeat our fears and empower us for exploits. Our testimonies shall speedily manifest in Jesus name. amen




Father Lord we thank u for a day u made possible for us to witness. Father we d TTC women are asking for ur mercies upon our lives and homes for divine speed upon our marital blessings IJN. Amen. Father we pray for pleasant surprise upon our home, and we pray against every spirit of hindrances IJN. All things we ask through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


Amen IJN














Lord thank you once again for today, as our faces are different so also is our problem, but Lord Jesus we know and believe it is settled, thank you for the strength to carry on today’s fast, you are God all by yourself, you are a miracle working God, thank you for prayers answered. Ijn Amen




Amen oo