Prayers for all TTC mothers


My sister been here ooo, had a busy week jare, but am done now, how are you dear. @ThefruitfulWife


Amen in Jesus Christ name, I receive my miracle triplets in this month of October


I dey kampe dear. Last week was a very busy one .
Great week babes and HNM to every1




Hello Mamas, tomorrow is our fasting and prayer oo, please let’s all raise our voices and pray to God. We shall all celebrate this year… We will be posting our prayers individually on this thread about divine upliftment. 1 Sam 2:6-9, Psalm 40: 1-3, all that we do is not by our strength but by God and he will put a new song in our mouths. I urge us all to participate and not just type Amen, in the tongue lies the power of life and death. God bless us all

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noted. may God give us the strength and grace to wait on Him


God will answer all the questions in our heart.




Father please remember us and lift us from the miry clay of delay, childlessness to the moutaintop of fruitfulness and enlargement. We can no longer do it by our strenght, please show mercy and lift our husbands, our bizs , jobs and marriages in Jesus name. Bless us and lift us all up o Lord, Amen.


Dear Daddy,

Your Children (Mummies) come unto you today with One Voice because your word says where two or three are gathered in your name you are there in their midst. We come together today, though at different locations and lift up our voice of supplication to you, that you look towards us with mercy and make your word whole in our lives-because you said there shall be no barren in the land, you also commanded that we be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. The same word says that your word shall not go back to you unfulfilled or void. This is why we are here today to stand on your word and claim your promises for us.
Heavenly Father, from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate you for all that you have in stock for us and we pray that very soon, we shall all rejoice in this aspect of our lives and even others too.
It shall be well with us, Our marriages shall be blessings, Our Children shall surround our tables, We will see our children and grandchildren.
That Master plan you have for us, may we not be too hasty or slow to receive them and they shall not pass us by.
We also stand in gap for everyone looking unto you for children and other blessings, as a result of our prayers you will open doors for them. Thank you Lord because you have answered us and very soon we shall all hangout with our babies and protruding bellies.

Yours in Love,
Mothers of Covenant Children.

P.S: Fellow mummies you can download ‘Under Th Canopy’ by Frank Edwards, it lifts my spirits and soul whenever i am down.

Enjoy the rest of your day!




Father Lord we prayer for divine upliftment in every area of our life. Let those that are looking to laugh at us be the 1st to start spreading word of your goodness in our lives. May we not be like what they say we are. It is only you Lord that we look unto and we know that you will hear and answer our prayers in the mighty name of Jesus Christ we pray Amen.


Amen .


Heavenly Father,we decree and declare divine upliftment in our life, finances, career,homes,place of work and all areas of our life, we shall be lifted and marked for greatness,we shall not go down,we shall be at the top always,we shall prosper in all things we lay our hands upon IJN.Amen




Our rock and succour, the lifter of our heads we come before you today for your mercy, please lift us up from where we are to a higher ground. We desire life at the top where eagles fly, we desire all the godly and perfect gifts you have predestined for us before we were created. O Lord only you lift one up and put down the other, we ask that today and the rest of our lives you make us dwell in high places. May we never know shame, all the plans and purpose of the enemies for our lives to laugh us to scorn shall not prosper.

Your word says we shall live and not die, it says we will run and not go weary and walk and will not faint for we wait on you Lord, our strength. Therefore Lord, even as we are journeying to conceive, please uphold we and our husbands hearts and not let us be weary. The journey is hard but we need your help to strengthen our faith and may our trust in you never fail. Please continue to uplift us financially, maritally, increase us on all sides, give us peace round about us, let us rejioce and people see your glory manifested in our lives and marriage. Above all O lord, in our journey GTC, we don’t want to miss heaven and may all our ways be pleasing in thy sight. These and many more we pray for, in Jesus name. Amen


Father we thank you for today, let your grace abound. Bless our heart desires, wipe our tears away oh Lord, thanking you for blessings of our fruits.


And Lord we thank you for the good things You have started already, May it circle round each and every member of GTC looking up to you.
I was tested positive today, I return all Glory to God. It Shall be a smooth journey for Us.


Lord lift me up and let me stand
Lord, lift me up, and let me stand
By faith on Heaven’s tableland;
A higher plane than I have found,
Lord, plant my feet on higher ground
Father plant our feet on higher ground, take away our shame, reproach and uncertainities. We need a new ground for productivity and blessings. Open our wombs make us all very fruitful in Jesus name we have prayed, amen.


Thank you Jesus, it shall definitely circle round in Jesus name. Congrats @Yeleyemi u shall carry to term with ease in Jesus name. Amen :dancer: